The difficult search for the best sourcing tools,
multichannel messaging campaign managers,
and more ...

At Jobin we like to compare us with many other competitor tools because we know our value, our strength and weakness. We like to continually improve for ourselves and for our customers.

Here we would like to genuinely help you to make your informed purchase decision of one or more tools that best fit with your business needs.

Hope that this will help.

How Jobin compares with other tools:

Best Tools for LinkedIn Automation - Comparison

Jobin vs DuxSoup
Jobin vs Waalaxy
(ex Prospectin)
Jobin vs LinkedHelper2
Jobin vs Zopto
Jobin vs OctopusCRM
Jobin vs MeetAlfred
Jobin vs Phantombuster
Jobin vs
Jobin vs Salesflow

Best Email Finders, Contacts Providers and Lead Generation tools - Comparison

Jobin vs Lusha
Jobin vs Swordfish
Jobin vs SalesQL
Jobin vs UpLead
Jobin vs Zoominfo
Jobin vs RocketReach
Jobin vs Seamless.AI
Jobin vs Kendo
Jobin vs Wiza
Jobin vs
Jobin vs LeadLeaper
Jobin vs ContactOut
Jobin vs Apollo

Best Drip Messaging Sequences campaign managers
and Prospect Engagement Platforms - Comparison

Jobin vs Dripify
Jobin vs SourceWhale

Things to keep ing mind when deciding the most suitable tool for your business.

Any business, small, large, and nowadays even individual owners and freelancers, need a technology stack that covers most of these services to remain competitive in the global digital market.
We know how complex and diversified the market for Automation and Lead Generation software, Email finders, Data Extraction, Lead Management, Sales engagement, Prospecting, Sourcing tools, Marketing Automation tools, Outreach Sequencing, Multi-channel Communication has become.

Of course, we are biased๐Ÿ˜ but we know the market well, and we are here to give you food for thought that could be useful to make your decistions with as much information as possible ๐Ÿ˜Ž

How Jobin compares with all these products and services

The amount of tools offered on the market is truly overwhelming and we are here to help you make a more informed decision when searching for the best product (or the best combination of products) for your specific needs.
Here are a few points to consider:

  1. You probably already have a workflow in place in which you guide your prospects along a journey. Any business has some sort of "sales process pipeline", that for example, starts with searching good prospects, verifies their interest, then presents and discuss your offer. To do that sort of things you have plenty of CRM products, and in the case of recruiting processes, plenty of ATSs, to assist you in the job.
    However, the typical situation with these products, is the difficulty in keeping the profiles of your Contacts consistently updated without your intensive manual input.
    Most traditional CRMs and ATSs are great data containers and also good at keeping track of your pipeline workflows, but are not easy to maintain updated and even to initially fill.
    Most of them are packed with several integrations with external tools, but external integrations are often not optimal.
    Jobin solves this issue because it combines typical ATS/CRM functionality, pipelines, contact management, filtering, etc. with auto sourcing, ranking and all sort of LinkedIn automation to keep data constantly updated.
    So, if you are in a situation where you:
    - Constantly search for new prospects;
    - Build a long-lasting network of Contacts that are too many to be managed manually;
    - When your Contacts evolve at relatively fast pace (new jobs roles, new interests, new companies).

    Jobin gives you the power to:
    - Update Profiles-data automatically;
    - Track all interactions and fully manage your pipeline workflow;
    - Outreach at scale via email and LinkedIn messages.
    That's ideal to build and maintain your customized 'Recruiting pipeline' or your 'Marketing and Sales pipeline'.
  2. When LinkedIn is part of your game but you want to operate multi-channel and build long-term relationships with your prospects, Jobin is a great option.
    Do you happen to open a discussion with a person on LinkedIn (perhaps with a connection request), then the interaction also continues via email and in video chat, and after a few exchanges the discussion interrupts? You risk to forget and after a few weeks you would like to continue from the point where you left the communication.
    In this case a normal LinkedIn automation tool is not sufficient and neither a simple email finder and sender. A continue switch between your CRM or ATS, and mailer become necessary (... and annoying).๐Ÿ˜
    This often ends-up in loosing control of your full conversation. You can accept this only if your business operates with short term interactions and you do not care about long lasting relationships with your audience and clients.
    Jobin solves this issue too. In fact, Jobin maintains a full profile's repository for all your Prospects, keeps the history of all interactions and multichannel messaging, all sort of annotations and tagging, and also automatically updates career changes from LinkedIn.
    In this way it becomes easy to properly manage your network with Jobin.
    So, with Jobin you will basically turn your LinkedIn profile into a full-fledged leads management system but at the same time, become independent from the platform.
    From Jobin you can find previously tagged profiles and perform a range of follow-up actions, giving you a sense of structure that is lent to your lead management through LinkedIn.
    The further benefits include increased view of messages and event logging including your LinkedIn inbox and more.
  3. Jobin got a lot of interest among Marketers, Salespeople and SME Entrepreneurs but it was born to serve the Recruiting industry. This is why Jobin has fully detailed Profiles containing all info you usually find in a Resume/CV or in a full LinkedIn profile with the addition of notes, tagging, and ranking indexes that you find in the typical ATS or some CRMs.
    Many tools that revolve around the Lead Generation and Emailing are very poor in terms of Profiling. These are only able to manage basic information like Name, Role-title, Company and Location.
    Nowadays, everybody needs more and more information about their Prospects to properly select them and to catch their attention in messages. Carefully screening and prospecting is not more a typical Recruiters' task - everybody must do it.
    You will see that several tools born for old-school sale and lead generation are inappropriate for detailed prospecting. Jobin over-performs in this.