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This review was updated on 10 Aug 2022

Is a better alternative to OctopusCrm?

OctopusCrm, like, automates LinkedIn lead generation and messaging, and both save a lot of time for any marketers, sales person and recruiters.

The first thing that come to mind is: 'why is Crm written' in OctopusCrm? In fact this product is far from being a CRM and is barely capable of displaying a list of imported prospects, showing only name, role and company. There is no prospect labeling or annotation and even the basic filtering is useless, so, to reach the most appropriate contacts and clean your leads you have to prepare the list with some external tools that have a decent CRM functionality. For example, you can't "blacklist" a contact from messaging; the only option in this case is to delete the contact and lose all his data.
Luckily there is the option to integrate with HubSpot and Zapier but some users say the data transfer process can be improved.

So, along with OctopusCrm you need to consider purchasing a CRM Tool and LinkedIn Sales Navigator license.
With you can also do without that additional expense because the existing features may be sufficient for normal use.

Operational differences

Due to the lack of data describing the prospects, OctopusCrm is unable to handle highly personalized messages, so the personal touch of your communications will be lost.

The OctopusCrm bot can still perform Profile views, Messages to your first connections, give endorsements, and send connection requests but limited to 100/week (14/day).

In comparison, is able to import and post-process highly structured data and the full bio of your prospects. manages not only LinkedIn search results, but also lists of LinkedIn Group Members, Event Attendees and people who interacted with a particular Post. In the CRM functionality extends to Custom Pipelines, Advanced Filtering and AI driven Ranking which allows you to pre-screen and select highly targeted prospect lists.

In there is a real DataBase of your contacts which also includes your personalized tags and annotations along with the full Career History of each contact.

A negative aspect of the user experience in OctopusCrm is that each action has to be linked to another action item in a different tab and manually linked through settings. You have to manually move leads from one section to another for the application to work.

Contact finding

If any Email or Tel. is missing, has an Email Finder and data Enrichment functionality to fill in the gaps. Beyond that there is also the ability to mass update your contact list to have a persistent and accurate contact repository which allows you to build a good network for your business.

OctopusCrm does not provide you with Emails and Phone numbers.

Connection requests

Both and OctopusCrm are able to send LinkedIn connection requests, follow up with a thank you message once the request has been accepted, then send a sales message and follow up.
The difference here is that has an effective limit bypass for the number of connection requests you can send and OctopusCrm cannot exceed the 100/week.

Another difference is the availability of data, which means that in OctopusCrm all messages must be plain and static text except for the use of 'name' and 'role'. In you have the ability to use a huge amount of personalization data from any field in the profile, as well as data about you and also about the job.

Also important to consider is the fact that with OctopusCrm you are limited to 100/week because otherwise their technology triggers LinkedIn flagging and ban.
With you can overcome that limit because LinkedIn is not disturbed by the "stealth" mode used by Jobin.


An important difference is the setting of the delay between an operation and the following.
In you can set up several operations in sequence and define a time delay between them. For example: step 1 "Send a connection invitation" wait 2 days, then step 2 "send a follow-up message", and so on. This makes a truly automated system.
With OctopusCrm this is not possible and after the first step you have to manually start the next step.
For this the outreach campaign carried out by has a much higher level of automation and precision in the execution where in OctopusCrm it is you who must manually start the next step.

The OctopusCrm browser plugin relies solely on your computer resources and somehow puts your browser in an overloaded state. So while OctopusCrm is in action, better not to use other tools and not even check other OctopusCrm pages.

This problem does not exist in because there are cloud servers that works in parallel with your system and all processes are queued in background also to allow precise throttling in relation to LinkedIn operations which should be carried out with opportune limitations to comply with the LinkedIn restrictions.

LinkedIn integration

With OctopusCrm you have to use Sales Navigator, and to have compatibility with Premium and Recruiter you need the "Unlimited" Plan at $24.99/month.

To build a list, you should perform the search on Sales Navigator and transfer the list to OctopusCrm. The same operation is possible with but just clicking a 'start import' button.
Furthermore, also offers a selection of quantity and a very useful possibility to give tags, notes and assign that group of prospects directly into a pipeline.

However, the real difference is that in you can extensively import and clean up your list later using advanced filtering and ranking tools which are included in Jobin. Hence, you can obtain very clean lists with well targeted prospects.
In this way your campaign will be more effective and you will not risk to be flagged as 'spammer' or rejected by the 'wrong' people thus compromising your online reputation within LinkedIn and even Google.

Messaging campaign

With OctopusCrm you put all LinkedIn search results in a messaging campaign where you send invites and connect using custom messages. So that the campaign is your focus, and there are people assigned to it.
When your campaign finishes, you need to delete the list and all processed contacts will be forgotten.
New campaign - new list, no reminder of what potential customers may have already received in past messaging campaigns and no trace of their responses.

In you have a "people-centered" database and not a "campaign-centered" one. Then you have your contacts list and you assign the selected ones to a campaign. So, for example, after a few months, you can perhaps reselect a few of them and set up a new messaging for these people by keeping a complete full history of their complete journey and their comments and reactions across different types of interactions and perhaps different campaigns.

So OctopusCrm, is made to manage a single outreach campaign, and is best when you are interested in a long-term relationship with your audience, sending one or multiple campaigns and keeping track of complex and long-term interaction with your prospects who may be clients now, or may have changed their careers.

Throttling system

Both OctopusCrm and have some sort of throttling system and management of LinkedIn activity, but OctopusCrm lacks the throttling alerts and the risk of exceeding the limits is real, so the risk of LinkedIn banning.
In all throttling system is much more sophisticated and under your control. In addition there are automatic controls and feedback as well.


In the OctopusCrm campaign reporting page, you will see how many people have reacted to your messages (for example they have replied) but being all centered on the campaign you do not see that list of people, but only a global statistic of the campaign.

In you will be able to see each group of people participating in your campaign and who is in each particular stage of your campaign. It will then be possible to browse the list of people who replied, people who ignored the message and so on.
Again this is because is people-centric and focuses on building relationships and will give you the possibility to select that sub-list of people and resend messages in a specific way.

Smart Inbox

There is no inbox feature in OctopusCrm. This means that you need to login to LinkedIn to get check replies and write your feedbacks.
This is not necessary on because you are in full control of the sending of your messages and also of the replies you receive. Everything is displayed in a well integrated timeline with all the messages exchanged, including emails and all LinkedIn messages, as well as other events and operations you have carried out with each of your contacts. calls this "Interactions timeline" exactly because it functions as a multichannel inbox and outbox, as well as an operations log to give full visibility over all of your prospects.

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Features comparison: vs OctopusCrm

Free Trial
14 days
7 days
Tutorial environment / sandbox
Free Forever Plan
Cost of standard Plan
Email finder
Mass Emailing
Throttling system on messaging
no for Email
Advanced LinkedIn analytics
Compatibility with LinkedIn accounts
Free, Premium, Sales Navigator and Recruiter
Sales Navigator 'Premium' and 'Recruiter Lite' only with "Unlimited Plan"
Ask for your Linkedin Password
Advanced automation customization
Pipelines & funnel stages
Interactions and messaging timeline
Team work possibility
De-Duplication system with smart merge
Customer support
Live chat with humans 24/7
'Knowledge Base' or
email (4-6 hours)
Modular price system (buy only what you need)

Final Score is:


OctopusCRM is not comparable to simply because most of the features offered by OctopusCRM are included in the Free Forever Plan of Jobin.

So has so many other additional features combined in several 'Solutions', which together cover the entire marketing cycle: from sourcing your prospects, screening, enrich profiles and outreach with automatic messaging campaign.

For OctopusCrm the campaign is a sequence with a list of option actions to turn on/off at will.

In case of the customization can be more complex and includes custom delays and conditional event handlers.

The 'All-in-one' characteristic of and its rich 'Free Forever Plan' simply outmatch OctopusCRM. OctopusCRM is just a nice simple tool that you need to integrate with additional external CRM and mailing software, which will add to the expense, and also increase the time-consuming and the hassle of transferring data between them. is a better OctopusCRM alternative