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Information we collect

When You Visit our Websites
  • You are free to explore our Websites without providing any Personal Information.
When You Try our Services
  • You are free to test all features without providing any Personal Information. Data used in the training and testing environment is randomly generated, anonymized, and deleted each week.
When You are our Customer
  • We request that you provide only an email address to identify yourself.
  • We collect navigational information in order to deliver our services and provide you with reports, process logs and operations monitoring.
  • You access your Personal Information as part of our service and you have the right to delete your account and all your data at any moment.
When You use our browser Extension
  • We use web analytics software to provide the functionality of our web services and to manage integrations with third party web services including but not limited to LinkedIn and Google.
  • We link information between the browser extension and your personal account in order to provide you with the necessary data exchange needed to provide our services to you.
Information we collect from third parties
  • regularly collect publicly available data of any nature from sources such as social media websites and any other services publicly or commercially available on the market. Information aggregation of such data is part of the service we provide.
Information About Children
  • is not intended for or targeted at people under 18, and we do not knowingly or intentionally collect information about people under 18. If you believe that we have collected information about a person under 18, please contact us, so that we may delete the information.

Nature of Processing services allows any individual or company to streamline process, analyze, and manage data relative to recruiting candidates, prospects, partners, clients, and business profiles of individuals, that may be relevant to the specific business activities of recruiters, marketers, salespersons, entrepreneurs, etc. The main purpose is automating the time-consuming processes related to sourcing, lead generation, prospecting and pre-screening. As well as filtering, segmenting, managing such lists of contacts. services include also the possibility to outreach selected people with email messaging or communications using third party platforms such as LinkedIn or others.

  • The Processor ( will process Personal Data on behalf of the Controller (User) in the course of providing Services to the Controller, for as long as the Controller is using the Services provided by the Processor.
  • Categories of Data Subject to whom Personal Data relates are job Candidates, prospective candidates and contact persons of the Controller.
  • That information, including Personal Data, belongs to the data Controllers and is used, disclosed and protected by them and is not subject to this Privacy Policy.
  • The information added to the service, either by site visitors, free users, or service customers providing contact information or profile details, is stored and managed on our service provider's servers, but we do not have control over its collection or management.
  • This information is kept private and not shared with third parties but will be at exclusive use of the data Controller that inserted it into the database.

Use of Cookies uses cookies, local storage, and other technologies to enable core functionality such as security, network management, and accessibility. You may disable these by changing your browser settings, but this may affect how the website functions and some of them are necessary to operate our services, applications, and tools. makes use of Google Analytics cookies to help measure how users interact with website content needed to monitor the performance of the website. The cookies collect information in a way that does not directly identify anyone.

The data will be deleted once no longer necessary for it's original purpose.

Categories of personal data used by uses exclusively the following personal data category

  • Device, browser and referrer;
  • IP address;
  • Timezone and approximate location;
  • Usage of the website;
  • Requests and responses sent to and from the user's device.

Additional personal data processed by within the personal accounts of its Users, is processed an maintained privately and exclusively by the respective "Data Controllers". In this context, acts purely as a "Data Processor" and a "software as a service" provider without any use or access to that data; therefore, does not carry any responsibility about the personal data that is being processed by its Customers ("Data Controllers"). That data is not shared, but pseudonymisated and encrypted, and it remains fully owned by its respective Data Controllers, which are the Users of SaaS processing services.

Personal Data of's SaaS customers processes personal data of its Users for the following purposes:

  • Provide SaaS and accompanying services
  • Customer support and customer success
  • Administration and billing
  • Sales and marketing of’s product and services

The personal data categories that processes about its Users are the following:

  • Username, email and authentication tokens;
  • Billing details;
  • Activities in the SaaS;
  • Past conversations (in LinkedIn) if manually approved or executed with the SaaS
  • Current conversations (in LinkedIn)
  • Other personal data entered by the User into the SaaS. makes use of the third party SaaS LogRocket, which monitors User activity for error reporting purposes.

Users can request that their data be deleted and excluded from being collected. will delete personal data related to Users, after the services associated with the personal data are cancelled and the personal data is no longer necessary for any of the purposes listed in this paragraph. acknowledges that you have the right to access your Personal Information.

How we use information we collect

  • We use the information we collect only in compliance with this Privacy Policy. Customers who subscribe to our Subscription Services are obligated through our agreements with them to comply with this Privacy Policy.
  • We Never Sell Personal Information to any third party.
  • We use collected information to provide the services we are offering to our customers, to improve the quality of these services, to improve user experience, and personalization.
  • To respond to customer support requests.
  • To send information or content, updates, marketing communications, training and suggestions, which we think may be of interest to you.
  • We may post customer testimonials and comments on our Websites, which may contain Personal Information. We obtain each customer’s consent prior to posting the customer’s name and testimonial.
  • To provide the subscription service and the relative technical assistance which may include the detection, prevention and resolution of security and technical issues.
  • We do not collect any Credit Card Information because we use a third party service provider to manage credit card processing including financial qualifications and payment collection. Contact us to receive a copy of our third party service provider's Privacy Policy.
  • To meet legal requirements and to fulfill the obligations under the Customer Terms of Service.

How to Control & Access your Personal Data

You have the following data protection rights:

  • The right of access

    You may request a copy of all personal data we hold on you in our role as data controller. If you have an account, you can access this information via your profile. If you do not have an account, you can request it by contacting us

  • The right to be informed

    You must agree to your information being processed for purposes you are aware of before it can be processed. You can do this by indicating your consent when providing the information.

  • The right to rectification

    You have the right to have your data rectified, for example, if it is incorrect or incomplete. You can exercise this right by logging in to your profile. If you do not have an account or wish to amend other data, you can do this by sending an email to

  • The right to erasure

    You may exercise your right to withdraw consent or to request erasure of personal data by logging into your profile and deleting it. If you do not have an account or wish to delete specific data, you can do this by contacting us.

    Please note that the deletion may not affect an ongoing recruitment process where the employer has already received the data as part of the recruitment process. A similar situation may occur in the case of a service provision between an Agency and its customer. In these cases will be the responsibility of the respective data controller to intervene.

  • The right to restrict processing

    You can request that we keep your data but do not process it further. You can do this by contacting us

  • The right to data portability

    You can request a copy of the information you’ve provided to us in a commonly used format. You can exercise this right by logging in to your profile or by sending an email to

  • The right to object

    You have the right to not be subject to entirely automatic profiling algorithms. If any such algorithms are used, you have the right to know details of their operation. You can request information about any automated profiling algorithms by contacting us.

  • Unsubscribe

    You may unsubscribe from our marketing communications by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link located on the bottom of our e-mails, updating your communication preferences, or by contacting us.

Security Obligations, as the Data Processor and any approved sub-contractor, ensures that any system that holds Personal Data, including backup data, is both secure and has complete data integrity in accordance with data security requirements and good industry practice.

Security measures, as a minimum requirement, include the following:

  • the pseudonymisation and encryption of personal data;
  • the ability to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of processing systems and services;
  • the means to restore the availability and access to personal data in a timely manner in the event of a physical or technical incident;
  • a process for regularly testing, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of technical and organisational measures for ensuring the security of the processing.

Interaction with other data collection platforms and other third party services

YouTube video widget (Google LLC.) uses YouTube video widget (Google LLC.)
This type of service allows you to view content hosted on external platforms directly from the pages of this Website and interact with them. In particular YouTube is a video content visualization service provided by Google Inc. that allows this Website to incorporate content of this kind on its pages as video tutorial and demos. This type of service might still collect web traffic data for the pages where the service is installed, even when Users do not use it.

Google Analytics Tag Manager uses Google Analytics to monitor the page visits and so Client’s use of the Services is subject to the applicable Google Policies on that matter.
Google Analytics Policies are available at

Mailgun mailing services

This type of service allows you to send email through and it is a service provided by Mailgun Technologies, Inc. and its sub-processors.
Data processing location: Frankfurt, Germany (aws: eu-central-1)

Stripe (Stripe Inc)

Stripe is a payment service provided by Stripe Inc.
Payment processing services enable this Website to process payments by credit card, bank transfer or other means. To ensure greater security, this Website shares only the information necessary to execute the transaction with the financial intermediaries handling the transaction.
Some of these services may also enable the sending of timed messages to the User, such as emails containing invoices or notifications concerning the payment.
Personal Data collected: various types of Data as specified in the privacy policy of the service.
Place of processing: United States – Privacy Policy. Privacy Shield participant.

Communications and marketing may send Users and Subscribers, messages with advice aimed to help better use tools and functionalities, information about’s products and services, and other documentation that may be of interest.

Any User can opt-out of our newsletter at any time, the link for doing so is provided at the bottom of each e-mail communications that we send.

Communications such as requests, questions, chats, e-mails, phone conversations and private messages may be stored to improve services and for future reference.

End of provision

Once the SaaS agreement comes to an end, and if there aren't any mandatory laws that requires storage applied, customers are entitled to have the personal data deleted or returned.