Manage multichannel and personalized messaging at scale:
  • Open discussion sending LinkedIn Invitations
  • Manage controlled Messaging campaigns via email
  • Send messages from LinkedIn
  • Set automatic follow-up messaging
  • All messages sent, received, events, and interactions in one timeline.
  • Bulk custom messaging with personalized templates and smart fields
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Multi-channel Outreach Campaigns

Custom-build your very own drip sequence combining both LinkedIn and email outreach

Engage with prospects, simultaneously, and automatically

  • Increase reach and diversify communication: People have different communication preferences, by combining both email and LinkedIn you can reach wider audiences and increase chances of connecting with potential prospects.
  • Personalization: Thanks to Jobin.cloud's adaptive sequence condition operations, you can personalize your outreach efforts even further. For example, you can mention sending a LinkedIn connection request in your email or mention specific actions you've taken earlier within the drip sequence.

Combine not just outreach but tracking as well - Tell Jobin to automatically assign a prospect into specific Pipeline stages or tags based on what path they take along the drip sequence.

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Automated people outreach on LinkedIn

Send personalized bulk messages and unlimited connection invitations

Grow your LinkedIn network, automatically and in bulk, with:

  • Automated bulk personalized connection requests
  • Automated follow-up messages
  • Custom messaging templates
  • Smart fields that adapt to each profile

No more endless cut-paste-edit actions, Jobin automatically performs all the repetitive stuff.
Only fill out your messages once, or just save a template, and you're all done.

  • Bulk inMail with custom templates and smart fields
  • Bulk emailing and messaging with attachments
  • Bulk withdraw invitations

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Easily find everyone you can contact

Quickly filter profiles by contacting method

Having lots of contacts is nice, but if you can't easily contact them, then what's the point?

Jobin is well aware of its importance, that's exactly why we've built a dedicated filter, for just that.

All filters have their own exclude counterpart, ranging from:

  • Email
  • Mobile phone number
  • Landline phone number
  • Internet site
  • Social media

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Automated people outreach via email

Send personalized bulk emails

Aggregate, rank, filter and message all your Contacts with custom messaging templates while making use of smart fields, so that any message can sound fully personalized, even when sent to hundreds of people in bulk.

No more endless cut-paste-edit actions, Jobin performs all the repetitive stuff automatically, allowing you to finally focus, only on the contents and details of your messaging campaigns, without needing to repeat it for each individual recipient.

  • Custom email and messaging templates
  • Sender, recipient and job-spec Smart fields
  • Attachments for job-specs, videos, images, and more

All this together with a multitude of auxiliary features such as

  • Auto enrich contacts with a missing email address (find email addresses and other contact details)

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Omnidirectional automated outreach

Reach out to anyone

Being capable of reaching out to contacts is the cornerstone of every workflow. In combination with filters to both find the most relevant contacts, outreach has never been easier.

  • Not a LinkedIn 1st connection? No problem

Regardless of connection level, reach out to anyone on LinkedIn.

Jobin.cloud offers automated connection requests, each with personalizable attachable notes, so not only can you quickly grow your network, but you can also have a direct line of communication with them.

  • No Email? No problem

Regardless of automatically having the email address extracted from LinkedIn or not, it won't impede your campaigns.

Jobin.cloud comes with an integrated email finder that can automatically fill in the gaps for anyone that's missing an email address, directly when sending the email campaign itself, so the automated contact detail enrichment is completely seamless.

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