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What is Free forever in is a modular platform, and each module provides the basics of its functionality in its free Tier.

  • Sourcing is fully covered by the free plan, X-rays, LinkedIn profile and list extractions are all free.
  • Automated CSV import.
  • All contacts and accounts can freely be filtered and grouped within your database with up to 10'000 contacts.
  • Must-have, exclude, and desired/optional keyword functionality for filters.
  • A free pipeline to help track workflows.
  • 5 free enrichment credits (find emails and any other associated contact info even outside LinkedIn); contact info available on LinkedIn is automatically extracted for free during the sourcing process.
  • Send personalized connection requests in bulk, up to 15 a day.
  • Send personalized emails in bulk, up to 100 a day.
  • Create relevant and hyper-personalized messages with 30 ChatGPT queries.
  • Auto-update feature to import the latest LinkedIn data of a contact anytime.

Who is Jobin for?

Jobin is highly customizable and adapts to several users in the field of Recruitment, Human Resources and Employer branding.
Typical users are:

  • Agency recruiters who want to manage and multi-task, serving several Customer companies/employers and nurturing Talent communities at the same time in a streamlined way; Jobin can help automate all repetitive administrative and routine tasks, allowing Agency recruiters to finally forget the times of storing and retrieving information data, emails, CVs, contracts, CRM notes, etc. which used to fill 70% of their working time.
  • Corporate recruiters who want to automate their routine tasks of promoting job vacancies and receiving applications, while benefiting from a collaborative environment, which enhances their understanding of job requirements, alignment of status and support systems to reduce bias in interviews and evaluations.
  • HR Managers who have a team to co-ordinate and need improved visibility over the entire talent acquisition cycle. With Jobin HR Managers can avoid all the unwanted micromanagement and still remain involved with every detail of the recruitment process, allowing them to properly work on optimizing their hiring.
  • Members of Talent Teams who assist in the Company's hiring needs (even if it's not their main task) as experts that want (or are called) to collaborate with the HR department to make sure the best talent gets found and hired faster. Jobin allows Members of Talent Teams to easily integrate themselves in the recruitment process so even if it's only for a few minutes, they can easily "hop on" to help out.
  • Hiring Managers who's top interest and responsibility is finding new talents for their Team, while also being more involved in the recruitment process (to maximize their understanding and alignment to the job requirements) by staying perfectly updated on the current recruitment status, but don't want to generate any extra work for themselves or for the recruiting team.
    Jobin helps Hiring Managers co-ordinate the outcome of several different candidate sources: internal candidates, candidates from the Company HR, candidates from external Recruiting Agencies and candidates from Social Networking, by keeping their data repository tidy and clean, while also providing an easy overview to select and evaluate the top Talents for them to hire as their new employees.
  • CEOs and founders of Start-ups that are very conscious about the importance of building powerful teams for their young company, but lack a large enough HR department or the time to personally be at the centre of the decision making.
    Jobin helps by easily providing full control and visibility of the recruitment process so even busy people can manage it with little to no effort.

Is safe for LinkedIn automation?

Safety is's top priority, so much so that in order to keep your account safe and undetected by LinkedIn the very cornerstone of the platform has become being able to avoid many of LinkedIn's limitations precisely because LinkedIn is unable to detect your activity.

So not only are you able to automate, but you're also able to bypass limits such as profile view limitations, search limitations and more!

You can find a dedicated video explaining each Jobin operation in more detail and what to look out for - here.

How to avoid LinkedIn Restrictions by using

You can find a dedicated video explaining this in more detail - here.

The most common LinkedIn restrictions are profile views.

Imports performed by are able to avoid LinkedIn profile view limits, but you have to make sure not to manually open any profiles directly on LinkedIn.

With bulk imports its easy, just click the Jobin Extension and all the contacts get imported without being viewed, but if you want to do an individual import while also avoiding the profile view, then -
rather than opening the profile and clicking the Jobin Extension:

  • right-click the desired profile (without opening it)
  • click "copy link address"
  • go to Jobin and create a "Custom Profile" (open any contact and click the + icon at the top-left)
  • paste the link in the newly created profile's website slot (move your mouse below the profile's avatar for it to appear)
  • run "auto-update" on the profile (click the blue bar that says "updated on:")

This will tell Jobin to automatically import that profile for you, without directly opening and viewing the profile from LinkedIn.

An import that does, however, get tracked by LinkedIn's profile view counter is the contact info importer (whenever you tell Jobin to also import any data within the LinkedIn contact info menu)

The limit is set to 150 by default (it can be customized from the Operations Monitor page) and the allowed amount varies depending on your LinkedIn subscription and profile score, if you're on a LinkedIn free license and use all 150 then make sure you don't view any additional contacts manually.

Connection Requests and Messaging.

Since the amount of connection requests you can send varies based on various factors, Jobin has a built-in preemptive safety measure that will reschedule invitations for you when necessary, this means you don't need to manually micromanage any specific invitation daily limit.

LinkedIn limits messaging hyperactivity, the message throttling system will prevent automated follow-ups from surpassing the recommended messaging limit, you can customize how many to send within 24 hours but we recommended never going beyond 200 a day unless you have a particular LinkedIn Recruiter Subscription that specifically allows for a higher amount.

Can I manage multiple LinkedIn accounts with a single account?

Yes, Jobin will automatically synchronise with the currently signed in LinkedIn account and will accordingly run all LinkedIn operations through that account.

If using Outreach Sequences, you can set a specific LinkedIn account as a sender for each Sequence and by using different browsers/chrome profiles you can simultaneously run sequences on multiple different Sequences (that will be sent through different LinkedIn accounts) all simultaneously with only 1 account.

What kind of LinkedIn account is required?

No LinkedIn subscription is required, is fully functional with the default free LinkedIn account.

In case you're using a LinkedIn subscription, is also fully compatible with both LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter.

LinkedIn-related Operation is stuck / frozen

If your LinkedIn operations are stuck / frozen in queue, then most likely your Jobin Extension has desynchronized.

Try refreshing all open LinkedIn and tabs (or close and re-open your browser).

Alternatively, the easiest way to ensure that the extension is fully operational, is to open a LinkedIn profile (that isn't already in your database) and then click the Jobin Extension.

If the profile gets imported then you're all set and any LinkedIn-related operation should resume within 3 minutes

If that doesn't work, please contact us.

Select a Subscription page keeps opening

Your Subscription/trial period has expired, and to properly continue functioning Jobin requires you to have an active plan.

Jobin is prompting you to pick any plan of your choosing, it can be changed at any time.

If you don't want to make a decision just yet, pick the free plan, you can always upgrade on a later date, just keep in mind that there may be a few feature limitations.

Will signing out/switching LinkedIn account disrupt my Jobin operations?

Unless a specific LinkedIn sender account was specified Jobin will run operations on your currently singed in LinkedIn account, so switching account will cause disruptions. There's a trick, however, that allows you to change LinkedIn account without disrupting any Jobin operation.

To do so simply open a different browser, or in Chrome's case, you can also open a different Chrome profile.

This will allow you to login with as many different LinkedIn/Jobin accounts as you have Browsers/Chrome profiles.

Each Browser/Chrome profile can have its own set of Jobin and LinkedIn accounts logged in allowing you to potentailly run operations on through different accounts symultaneously on the same PC/Laptop.

To put it simply, since both Jobin and LinkedIn are web platforms, each different Browser/Chrome profile is the same as having a different PC/Laptop.

Does Jobin offer a free trial?

Yes, Jobin Cloud offers a 14 days free trial of the Pro LinkedIn Automation and ATS Bundle, which grants access to all features within the respective solution types.

Unrestricted to any time limit, there's also a free forever plan.

Does Jobin have discounts?

Of course! Not only is there a 30% discount on yearly plans, but you also receive a 5% discount for each additional solution you add to your plan!
Visit our pricing page for more details.

Can I change my plan at any time?

You bet! You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your plan at any time.

  • Upgrading to a higher plan can take effect immediately after purchase.
  • Downgrading your plan will switch you to the lower plan of your choosing.
  • Canceling your plan will disable the automatic renewal.

All mentioned operations can be performed by the WorkGroup administrator, within the Billing and Activity page.

Plan upgrades are pro-rata so any previously purchased plan and any already passed subscription time will automatically be detracted from the upgrade cost

Example: I already purchased an $8 monthly subscription, after 15 days I upgrade to a $12 monthly subscription, the price will detract the already paid $8 and halve the remaining $4 cost because half of the subscription's month has already passed.

Resulting in the upgrade only costing $2

What if I cancel my subscription before it expires?

You will have full access to the tool until the end of your subscription period.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

No. You can sign up without entering your credit card details.

What types of payment do you accept?

Jobin Cloud supports several card brands:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • China UnionPay (CUP)
  • Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)

Who handles the credit card info?

We use Stripe payment processor which guarantees complete safety and reliability as the highest standard of payment processing for software products.