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This review was updated on 10 Aug 2022

Is a better alternative to ZoomInfo?

ZoomInfo with their dedicated offers SalesOS, MarketingOS, TalentOS and OperationOS sells access to its database of information about business people and companies to marketing, sales and recruiting professionals.

ZoomInfo Pricing

ZoomInfo is a pioneer in this market because it started over a decade ago and is a large company.
This is probably why ZoomInfo is quite expensive and its price starts at $15,000/year for a single user and up to $18,000.
Furthermore, they are also quite mysterious about pricing and you need to contact the sales rep to get your quote and then go through a corporate-style sales process. The duration of the contracts is at least 1 year. is also a B2B lead generation and prospecting platform, but it allows you to search for your prospects on LinkedIn, and other platforms via Google X-Ray searches. is much more flexible, easier and cheaper when it comes to subscription. All publicly available contacts are provided free of charge and only the others are charged with credits. Then you can have a monthly subscription starting at $19.99 for full enrichment of 50 profiles.

ZoomInfo may offer you some Free trial if you negotiate it with the sales rep. has Free Forever plans and you can have free trial up to the Ultimate plan for 14 days.

Freshness of data

There is another point to consider: the freshness of the data. In fact, the problem with large databases like ZoomInfo is that the data you find there is difficult to keep up to date.
So, it is quite common to have a business email of someone who is now in a new company with a new email, the same happens with phone numbers which are even more sketchy and scarce ... that is disappointing 😏

In the case of, there is always the possibility to automatically update any profile simply by checking their LinkedIn which is kept constantly updated by the owner. can perform this operation in bulk and in the background, even indicating when the profile was last updated.
Changes in professional experience are also quite important for recruiters.

Knowing its weak point of data freshness, ZoomInfo is investing in it, and is starting to use the new slogan: "the biggest, most accurate, and most frequently refreshed database of contact and company insights".

ZoomInfo is promoting a so called "Free Community Edition" as a marketing offer and to overcome the problem of the data freshness they have.
Users who participate in this get access to the ZoomInfo database but to download contacts they must give access to their own contacts. This means that instead of Users they become data providers for ZoomInfo's central database. This is a bit of a shady offer, but it's a way ZoomInfo tries to gather fresh data.

Chrome extension

ZoomInfo has a Chrome extension ('ZoomInfo ReachOut') that allows you to browse LinkedIn profile pages and extract phone numbers, emails and addresses.

This is also offered by the Chrome extension, with the difference that will give you the ability to import the full LinkedIn profile, complete career history and all the skills and achievements of our prospect along with all emails, phone numbers and other social profiles URLs.


It goes without saying that with a tool like ZoomInfo that only provides you with emails and telephone numbers, you need to buy some other tools to get your job done and be ready to continally perform data transfer operations between your set of tools. One to search, one to send emails, another to keep track of people contacted. ZoomInfo is based on integration with platforms such as Salesforce and Marketo and this becomes a necessary purchase in addition to ZoomInfo.'s approach is to integrate all the functionality needed on a daily basis by most recruiters, marketers, salespeople and business owners. All in one package that works smoothly at every stage of your daily routine. Then the lead generation can be followed by filtering operations, contact finder and email and then outreach to the selected prospects.
This results in a sensible money-saving and most importantly a time-saving advantage because this totally eliminates any data transfer operation between different products and everyone knows that these things are not always 100% smooth.

At an additional cost, Zoominfo provides the so called "Streaming Intent" data that tells you when companies are actively searching for some products and services by tracking the keywords the company searches.

Zoominfo subscription costs

Costs are not disclosed but you cannot go below 15,000/year/user.

Zoominfo is clearly made for "corporate" users.

You have to go through the talk of the Sales Rep. who will calculate the costs in your use case based on the features and functionality you need, the number of licenses, and the use of Credit.
The Sales Rep. will prepare the packaging according to your requirements 🤔.

The cost of Zoominfo credits is based on the depth of information required by a customer. As soon as you ask for more than the basic demographics, the price skyrockets well above $1,300/month/user.
You need more than $20,000 in cash to access 'technographics', Org charts, department size, and perhaps company info such as funding and product launches.

You should pay extra if you want to add services like "Streaming intent" or any integration with some CRM or marketing automation tools.
These prepackaged integrations typically have a base cost for use and installation and require a minimum purchase of bulk credits for immediate use upon installation. If credit consumption is higher than initially expected, customers can purchase additional credits.

Many users criticize the flexibility of the subscriptions, because Zoominfo only offers annual contracts.
To address these criticisms, ZoomInfo states that "depending on your package, additional features and number of users. Our sales team will work with you on payment frequency and options."
OK ... here we are again negotiating with the sales professionals ...🙄

In any case, you should buy a number of ZoomInfo credits that correspond to the consumption (export) of a professional or a company profile from the ZoomInfo platform.

You consume credits from the main Zoominfo platform, the Zoominfo Chrome Extension, or whenever an API call is made from any number of integrations, including CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and sales automation tools.

The free trial must be provided by sales, and the sales cycle is weeks or month long because it includes demo sessions and corporate-style sales process.

So, both the cost, and the sales strategy are definitely not small-business friendly.

Then ... remember, to actually use ZoomInfo data you will need to purchase some additional software tools to manage that data and use it. The cost of that CRM and mailer will add up to the cost of ZoomInfo.

The most common comment about Zoominfo is: "It has some good features, but no way is it $18,000 good" 😏.

There are also some frustrated users who have organized buyers-groups to share one licence but that is not an ethical solution to ZoomInfo's exaggerated costs problem.

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Features comparison: vs ZoomInfo

Free Trial
14 days
Tutorial environment / sandbox
Free Forever Plan
Cost of standard Plan
Email finder
Free + optional
Automatic lookup in campaigns
Bulk Email lookups
CRM data management
Tagging, annotation, etc.
Advanced Company info
Interactions and messaging timeline
Team work possibility
De-Duplication system with smart merge
Customer support
Live chat with humans 24/7
Modular price system (buy only what you need)
Must be negotiated with Sales Rep.

Final Score is:


ZoomInfo sells a large database of contacts, is a branded company and perhaps this is the reason for its high prices.

Ultimately ZoomInfo is a contact finder of people who can be searched based on basic filtering.

In comparison has access to the same main data provider as ZoomInfo and has so many other additional features combined in different 'Solutions', which together cover the entire marketing cycle from sourcing your prospects, screening, enrich profiles and outreach with automatic messaging campaign. The good thing about is that it offers a usable Free Forever Plan that is unlimited and keeps your contacts accessible indefinitely as soon as you keep logging into your account.
You will be free to purchase upgrades and only the one containing the feature you need and at the level that suits your business needs. is much more flexible and complete in its offer. Definitely much more accessible especially for small and medium sized business.

In terms of data, gives you the ability to import your data, scrape from LinkedIn and query a database of 3 billions records. And is much more convenient and advantageous.

The 'All-in-one' characteristic of and its rich 'Free Forever Plan' simply outmatch ZoomInfo for its value-for-money. ZoomInfo must be integrated with additional external CRM and mailers software. This increases overall costs and increases the wasted time and hassle of transferring data between several different products. is a better ZoomInfo alternative