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This review was updated on 10 Aug 2022

Is a better alternative to is essentially a database of leads with contact information that you can query to pick the ones that meets your marketing campaign or prospecting criteria.
You can also start from a website and by using the browser plugin you can get people's names with emails from that company.

They claim to be a "revolutionary real-time search engine" and an "advanced lead generation technology platform powered by Artificial Intelligence!" and probably this demonstrates that there is not a very clear idea of what Artificial Intelligence really means or maybe they simply try to oversell customers.
Anyway, it seems like a cheeky approach 🙄
As expected, they present themselves as "The World's Best Sales Leads" source.

The data collects publicly available data of decision makers and is a product designed for B2B salespeople. itself is run by salespeople rather than technical employees. is just the opposite in this. uses LinkedIn as its primary source of information, but it also has other generic sources such as Google's X-rays searches on various Internet sites. This has the advantage of having profiles with always updated information.

In addition, the filtering and segmentation possibilities are much more advanced than simply searching for companies and roles. With you can select people based on skills, custom tags, linkedIn status, contacts, and even according to select people who are members of a certain LinkedIn group or who have participated in a specific event.

Contact finder

With you can produce a list of emails and phone numbers with the possibility to search by industry category and company size.

By having a person's name, surname and company, is able to produce the best guess of that person's business email is also very "sneaky" in collecting all the emails from your contact list 😏 (e.g. from your Google account) and finding the full name, role and company of your contacts.

In comparison, doesn't just offer contact information like emails and phone numbers. uses profiles with full bio and complete career history, skills, achievements and many other information used by recruiters.
This allows for solid profiling possibilities because a database with hundreds of data-nodes and fields allows for filtering and ranking at the level of an advanced ATS. This is suited to the demanding requirements of Recruiters when screening Candidates prior to a job interview.
However, the trend among marketers, salespersons and entrepreneurs is to invest more and more time in screening and prospecting their targets.
Hence, access to in-depth information is often helpful for initiating discussions, finding connection points, building rapport with prospects, and increasing the success rate of making new contacts.


When higher level prospecting is needed, is better suited than because is able to filter many more data fields and also has the ability to access advanced ranking tools to clean and prioritize lead lists. allows you to consider only role titles and the company.

Freshness and accuracy of data

There is another point to consider: the freshness and accuracy of the data.
In fact, the problem with databases like is that it's often difficult to keep data up to date.
So it's quite common to get a business email from someone who has changed company and now has a new business email 🤔 ... that is disappointing.

You can find better data through LinkedIn, (which actually has updated profiles from people themselves), but with Seamless you can only get 25 LinkedIn profiles at a time. You can't pull huge lists easily 😏

In the case of, the integration with LinkedIn is 10x better and you can import in a variety of ways from searches, groups, events, posts, and more. With there is always the possibility to automatically update any profile simply by checking their LinkedIn. can perform this operation in bulk and in background by also indicating when the profile was last updated.

General differences

The main difference between and is that not only enables Lead Generation and advanced prospecting on demand using LinkedIn, but also manages multi channel outreach and CRM functionalities such as tracking prospects along the pipeline stages, tagging and annotation to track the details of any interaction. cannot perform any of these operations and you need to purchase another toolset that includes a CRM to perform these necessary operations.

The fact that is an "all-in-one" tool results in a money saving and most importantly a time saving advantage, because this totally eliminates any data transfer operation between different products and everyone knows that these things are not always 100% smooth 😉

To purchase publicly available emails scattered on the Internet, there are several options based on scraping from social networks and other sites. is definitely not the cheapest seller of this service but it offers also other emails. offers FREE of charge all publicly available emails and contact information and only charges for those not available. has advanced management of both work and personal emails with automatic detection and allows their correct use based on the circumstances of your messaging. A recruiter would not write to a business email of the current employer to submit a new job offer 😉

In, if there is a missing email, it could be found on request even during an ongoing campaign. pricing and sales practice

If you buy a single licence of you pay it $147/mo but it has to be an annual subscription (so it's $1,764) and you get 250 credits / month.
To reduce the price you should purchase a minimum of 5 user seats $94.70/month each.

Someone criticizes for their hard selling approach.
There are several customers reviews complaining about a very poor customer support from Seamless and that they care more about customer acquisition than customer retention.
It was also reported that they also changed their policy while they were under contract, removing some functionalities from a lower tier plan. And they refuse to accept the subscription cancellation.

In comparison has good customer support reviews. does not promote any sales and leaves you free to use your Free account and understand the value you can get from it. Updates can be done by yourself when you see it's a good buy to make.

Then, is unbeatable in terms of subscription flexibility. It offers independent upgrades for each solutions that can be purchased in addition to the Free plan that is always available and reasonably sufficient for occasional use.

It goes without saying that with a tool like that only provides emails and phone numbers in addition to basic filters, you need to buy other tools to get your job done and be ready to continually perform data transfer operations between your set of tools. One to search, one to send email, another to keep track of people contacted. is an All-In-One prospecting automation tool. This saves you money and saves you time of the continuous data transfer that you would do with different tools.

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Features comparison: vs
Free Trial
14 days
Tutorial environment / sandbox
Free Forever Plan
50 credits/mo
Cost of standard Plan
$147 billed annually
Email finder
Free + optional
Automatic lookup in campaigns
Bulk Email lookups
only "one at a time"
No bio - no career history
via email + Linkedin
Interactions and messaging timeline
Team work possibility
De-Duplication system with smart merge
Customer support
Live chat with humans 24/7
Live Training Webinar
Modular price system (buy only what you need)

Final Score is:

Conclusions: is an all-in-one package with multiple modular solutions to find, screen and outreach people. These solutions are always available with a Free plan but can be upgraded at any time independently with quick purchase requests according to your needs.

If you stop paying you can still enjoy a usable Free version that keeps all your data available and has several features that may be enough for some small business or casual use.
There is also the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade single solution packages to follow your current needs and be ready for future expansion of your business. is only useful for lead generation and not for list management or any outreach and messaging. The cost for this single functionality is much higher compared to what offers. Then there are some issues with data accuracy, sales practices and customer support.

At the end of all these consideration we can state that: is a better alternative