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This review was updated on 10 Aug 2022

Is a better alternative to SalesQL?

SalesQL is an Email Finder that scrapes info from LinkedIn even if you haven't connected with them yet.

The Email finder functionality from any LinkedIn profile is also present on and is included in the Free plan.
In cases where emails are not disclosed on LinkedIn, uses a built-in email finder that works with credits.
So with you have the opportunity to get contact information for free. In this case deciding between or SalesQL is not very difficult 😉.

Operative differences

Both SalesQL and use a Chrome extension that allows you to capture data while browsing LinkedIn profiles. The extension, however, has additional auditing and importing capabilities and is not limited to the single LinkedIn profile page but also from Search results, Group Members, Event Attendees, and even people responding to any Post.

SalesQL's chrome extension allows you to scrape 25 profiles at a time and put them into folders.

The Chrome extension allows you to scrape and import up to 1000 profiles (which is LinkedIn's limit, by the way) and is even in the's Free Plan.
In, profiles will be stored in quantities that can be several thousand and all with full bio, social URLs, career history, skills, achievements, contact information and even your personal annotations and tags. This means you no longer need to visit LinkedIn to review prospects details. All these Profiles become your asset. You will put them in your custom pipelines and work on them. Also remember that also has multi-channel outreach possibilities with email and LinkedIn messages.

It goes without saying that with a tool like SalesQL that only gives you emails and phone numbers, you need to buy other tools to get the whole job done. You will need to download your data in a CSV file and you will need to be ready to continually perform data transfer operations between your set of tools. Your ATS or CRM, a tool to send emails, another to keep track of people contacted, etc.

With you can do all this in a more organic way.'s approach is not "grab data and export it". is an all-in-one package that works smoothly at every stage of your daily routine. Then the lead generation can be followed by filtering operations, contact finding, emails and then outreach to the selected prospects.
TThis translates into a reasonable money-saving and most importantly, a time-saving advantage, because this totally eliminate any data transfer operation between different products and everyone knows that these things are not always 100% smooth 😉.

Import LinkedIn 1st connections

Both platforms are able to import all of your LinkedIn 1st connections including their contact information.

In case of you will have the full profile and career history. SalesQL will import just name, company and current role.

SalesQL creates a special "project" called 1st Connections. The connections will be saved in this project. Then, you need an external tool to segment, or merge these prospects into new lists.

With you import everything in full and then you are totally free to insert them in customized pipelines, assign additional tags and eventually rank them according to your custom criteria. You can filter them and create your own sub-lists for personalized outreach.

The superiority of in this area is formidable.

Email finder

Finding email is the core functionality of SalesQL and this is done from LinkedIn.

Both and SalesQL provide you with the email and phone number of the person you are viewing on LinkedIn. The regularity of these results has some limitations for obvious reasons. However gives that for free. This is not the case with SalesQL that charge a credit anyway.

To make a comparison this is an important point: with one tool you pay with the other you get it for free.
Choosing is obvious 😉

In both tools the source is not limited to LinkedIn, but hundreds of platforms are scanned to gather contact information. Then there is its validation.

Several users report that some contact information in SalesQL are incorrect but marked as verified. provides the same service of disclosing emails, phone numbers and social profiles both from its browser plugin and also from the platform itself. This can happen on-request or even automatically when you're actually sending a message to a prospect but the email is missing. has advanced management of both work and personal emails with automatic detection. Setting the messaging system allows you to select the preferred email type based on your messaging characteristics. So, for example a recruiter will prefer to send a new job offer using a private email rather then the company email where the candidate is currently working.

During email automation with, in case of missing email, there is the option that the preferred email could be automatically retrieved.
This automation saves you a lot of time and money because you don't need to disclose your prospect’s emails before they are screened, so you don't spend your credits, but instead you focus on selecting the right profiles and start the bulk messaging campaign with the "automatic retrieval of e-mails". This means that the system will perform an automatic email lookup only when it is needed.


SalesQL uses old technology to extract emails from LinkedIn which is a bit invasive on LinkedIn servers. This could end up flagging or banning your LinkedIn account. uses a completely different technology and also advanced throttling systems that make the system behave exactly like you could do on your own from your keyboard. Many operations are even less invasive than human ones and are not even counted by LinkedIn.

SalesQL Pricing

SalesQL asks you for $39 for 1500 credits/month and $89 for 10K credits/month and this can be considered a good offer in this market. There is also the Free plan which gives you 100 credits/month. gives you all publicly available emails, phones and social profile URLs for Free, because this is included into the free forever sourcing tool, and only charges for those that are not available.
The first 5 contact enrichment are free, then you should buy other 50 credits for $16.99.

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Features comparison: vs SalesQL

Free Trial
14 days
Tutorial environment / sandbox
Free Forever Plan
Email finder
FREE from LinkedIn and Google
+ Optional with Credits
$39/month for 1500 credits
Bulk Email lookups
only "one at a time"
Automatic lookup in campaigns
Compatibility with LinkedIn accounts
Free, Premium, Sales Navigator, Recruiter Lite or RPS
Sales Navigator, Recruiter, Recruiter Lite or RPS
Interactions and messaging timeline
Team work possibility
De-Duplication system with smart merge
Customer support
Live chat with humans 24/7
Modular price system (buy only what you need)

Final Score is:


SalesQL, is not comparable to simply because most of the features offered by SalesQL are included in the Free Forever Plan of Jobin.

Then, has many other additional features combined in different "Solutions", which together cover the entire marketing cycle from sourcing your prospects, screening, enrich profiles and outreach with the automatic messaging campaign.

The 'All-in-one' characteristic of and its rich 'Free Forever Plan' simply outmatch SalesQL. SalesQL is just a nice simple tool that you need to integrate with additional external CRM and mailers software, piling up with the costs and with the time consuming and hassles of data transfer among them. is a better SalesQL alternative