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This review was updated on 10 Aug 2022

Is a better alternative to Linked Helper?

Linked Helper 2, is the second version of a LinkedIn automation tool that was blocked by LinkedIn a few years ago due to invasive technology. This is truly a pioneer in this market and a well known tool. Unfortunately it is also known to stress your LinkedIn account and activate the LinkedIn ban as many posts are there to tell sad stories.

Linked Helper is a Russian product and until a few years ago when you clicked to pay (by credit card) you were directed to a Russian payment portal.
If you clicked pay via PayPal you have automatically received an invoice via email with a link to pay via PayPal with a warning to use only your personal PayPal account 🤔
Currently Linked Helper has opened a branch in the USA (Philadelphia) pheraps also because the Russian internet regulator has blocked LinkedIn (among other internet services), and Russian users can only access it via VPN (which is also prohibited there) ... But this is another story.


Linked Helper 2 is not a Chrome extension - it's a desktop App with some functionalities like a web browser.

It does not need to inject its code into LinkedIn pages and do not call LinkedIn API. Linked Helper 2 is like a web browser itself.
This technology is also used by some hackers. We do not comment on this, ultimately this is only an ethical question.

Linked Helper with its technology might be a bit harsh on LinkedIn servers. Exaggerating with its use, triggers the 'irritability' of LinkedIn 😏 therefore it must be used with a very limited number of operations as suggested by Linked Helper itself. For example, you can't extract too many emails and contact information from your LinkedIn profiles. uses more refined technology that does not overload LinkedIn's servers. Sure, there are limits to excessive use, but most operations are completely transparent and undetectable, which doesn't upset LinkedIn or overload its servers.
A new tab opens in your browser for LinkedIn communication, the same as any other tab you have open in your browser. can also perform operations in stealth mode so with you can press the accelerator without problems. It's up to you to decide how fast you want to drive 😀.
However, like any modern car, in you have many security features that constantly monitor risky operations and are ready to alert you and balance activities on LinkedIn.


In both tools, several customization settings are available for throttling operations. In Linked Helper you set the maximum actions in 24 hours and then other limiters for each type of action. tells you the default settings to keep your activity below the safety thresholds. However, in many cases, you can adjust these settings to suit your needs if you know what you are doing.
In you also have some sort of feedback "sensors" that help you find the appropriate setting values, depending on the circumstances of your specific account and current usage. This is a welcome safety feature.

Email finder

Email finder and verification is not included in Linked Helper and generally nothing about email is considered except the scraping from LinkedIn. Linked Helper claims to be able to scrape the LinkedIn 'closed' emails as well.
In contrast, handles both LinkedIn messaging and emails, starting with emails finding and verification, right through to the final use of email messaging in mass outreach campaigns.

Linked Helper partnered with to have an email finder. You have to purchase a account for this. has advanced management of both work and personal emails with auto detection and their correct use according to your messaging needs.
In case of missing email it could be retrieved on demand.

The email lookup is very user-friendly since you can get contact information (emails and phones) as an individual request (as other tools do), but you can also enable an Automatic lookup during campaigns or a Bulk Update with automatic contact lookup.

Operational differences

With Linked Helper, you should use Sales Navigator and LinkedIn filters to search and collect the lead list for your messaging campaign.
The same operation of LinkedIn search and leads import is possible with, however, the import gets the full profile details and the ability to review and filter who to contact and who not, is greatly enhanced also because you can combine filtering with your custom tagging and notes. also includes a ranking possibility to best fit and prioritize your "ideal prospect profile".
In the import phase, offers the ability to select quantities and a useful possibility to assign tags, notes and assign that group of prospects directly to a pipeline.

Linked Helper handles connection requests, free InMail messages, and other common LinkedIn activities ("Actions") just like does.
Linked Helper puts people directly into action lists. Additionally can assign selected people directly in a pipeline (list), however customizing the customer journey can be more detailed. The operations related to the import of profiles into, could be separated from the further actions and outreach operations because the User is free to review, pre-screen and trim the list of prospects in a more advanced way as happens in the recruiting industry.

Linked Helper 2 can work even if it has been minimized or covered by other apps. is made to build your database of prospects, while in Linked Helper you find a list on which you perform LinkedIn actions. However, even in Linked Helper you have a basic built-in CRM where you can perform manual and automatic tagging, and write notes as you can in too.
Therefore, is functionally structured to collect prospects and then carry out screening, tagging and many other possible actions, including those of LinkedIn.
Linked Helper applies LinkedIn actions to the currently selected lead.

Linked Helper 2 can be integrated with other systems or CRMs via Zapier or webhooks.

Both Linked Helper and are able to extract information on companies as well.

Messaging campaigns

Linked Helper manages outreach as a sequence of actions/messages and supports campaigns with an unlimited number of actions:

Follow Invite Message 1 Endorse Message 2 ... Message 6.

With Linked Helper and you can schedule multiple campaigns at the same time.

Linked Helper can detect replies to your previous message at any stage of your message sequence. In Linked Helper you should add this 'check action' with frequency you prefer. does this check for replies, automatically.

In addition to the managing sequence (actions or messages), is also able to take different paths if certain conditions are met and combine LinkedIn with email.

So with you can control and act differently in case your prospect is already connected or try emailing when your prospect do not use LinkedIn often, check the presence of a tag, if an interaction was performed, etc.
This allows for great flexibility and customization of the outreach with Jobin.

In you have a "people-centered" database and not a "campaign-centered" one. So you have your list of contacts, and you assign selected ones to a campaign.
Perhaps, after a few months, you can re-select some previous leads for new personalized messaging.
This is possible because keeps complete history, comments and reactions across several kind of interactions on different campaigns.

The list of possible actions in Linked Helper is long and includes Like and comment on a post; Endorse; Follow; Connect invitation giving email; Invite your 1st connections to group; Invite to follow organization; Message to 1st connections | group members; Invite to event; Send person to Zapier
Some of these LinkedIn actions requires Pro licence.

In Linked Helper the verification of possible answer is considered an Action and you can repeat it at selected time intervals to search for answers in your LinkedIn mailbox.

So Linked Helper, it's good to manage single outreach campaigns, and is better when in addition to individual campaigns, you are interested in building long-term relationships with your audience by keeping records, sending one or more campaigns, updating their profiles and keeping track of complex and long-term interactions with your prospects.

Some users have complained that when Linked Helper is running you can't do anything else on your laptop except if you have a powerful machine.

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Features comparison: vs Linked Helper

Free Trial
14 days
14 days
Tutorial environment / sandbox
Free Forever Plan
Cost of standard Plan
Email finder
FREE from LinkedIn and Google
+ Optional with Credits
Throttling system on messaging
Messaging personalization
Several smart fields
Smart fields and personalized images
Advanced LinkedIn analytics
Compatibility with LinkedIn accounts
Free, Premium, Sales Navigator and Recruiter
Free, Premium, Sales Navigator and Recruiter
Advanced automation customization
only linear
Extended LinkedIn Actions
Like post, Endorse, Follow, invite to Group, follow Organization, invite to Event
Team work possibility
Interactions and messaging timeline
De-Duplication system with smart merge
Customer support
Live chat with humans 24/7
Modular price system (buy only what you need)

Final Score is:


Both and Linked Helper save a lot of time for any recruiter and professional who needs to communicate on a large scale using both LinkedIn messaging, connection invitation an emails. maintains a full-profiledatabase at ATS/CRM level that includes advanced filtering, ranking and pipelines workflow management. All this is missing in Linked Helper which instead relies on integration with external software.

The sourcing capabilities in are integrated with an advanced LinkedIn automation package and in Linked Helper that sourcing is a limited to a scraping tool used for list building.

Where the two products differs the most is the missing free plan in Linked Helper (you get only a 14-day trial). has a fully functional free plan and offers you a 14-day free trial of any solution upgrade you might want while using it.
This modularity and flexibility is a great money saver because you can only upgrade the functions you really need, and when you need them. manages full profiles (which includes career history, skills and achievements) and allows tagging and annotation as well as pipeline management for all your contacts.
In you also have the ability to filter, rank, auto update and select groups from your contacts for proper inclusion in messaging campaigns that simply does not exist in Linked Helper. is an all-in-one package with multiple modular solutions to find, screen and outreach people with email and LinkedIn. Linked Helper focuses on the email outreach and pipeline management. is a better Linked Helper alternative