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This review was updated on 10 Aug 2022

Is a better alternative to Dripify?

Dripify, like, automates lead generation and outreach from LinkedIn. Both tools save a lot of time for any marketer, salesperson or recruiter.
The most relevant difference is that in you have both LinkedIn and Email messaging capabilities. Dripify does not manage Emails😢.
In there is also a fairly complete CRM system to keep track of all interactions with your prospects. With Dripify you have to purchase an external CRM to get the job done.

With Dripify you can create LinkedIn prospecting campaigns by selecting LinkedIn actions, delays and conditions. This can be done in a similar way with as well.

Operative differences

Dripify puts the "campaign" at the center of the process and "leads" will be added to it. Each campaign is independent from the others and the lists are also separate.
In the case of, the focus is on "people profiles", then there is one or more "outreach campaigns" to apply to them.
In you have a robust database of "Contacts" and persistent Profile history for each of them across multiple campaigns and other interactions. This is more like a CRM or ATS system. This is to establish relationships and build your network.

This different approach is also confirmed by the high level of segmentation, filtering and ranking that can be carried out on your Contacts within, while in Dripify the management of leads is very limited and also the filtering is reduced to a minimum.

The previous consideration is why Dripify is a tool used primarily by marketers, and is also suitable for Recruiters, Small Business Owners, Marketers and Salespeople who need to build lasting relationships with their Contacts by maintaining records that include customized personal tags and annotations.

Sourcing and import

Every campaign needs good leads.

With Dripify you have to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to perform the search and you have to cut and paste the LinkedIn search URL into the Dripify campaign field. The import limit is 2500 leads and these are just the first ones found on LinkedIn.

The same operation is possible with but everything is more practical and powerful in fact, just click on the the 'start import' button😀
This works on any LinkedIn plan, including free LinkedIn.
In addition, also offers a selection quantities, skipping and a useful possibility to assign tags, notes and also to assign that group of prospects directly to a pipeline.
The contact import system is more powerful in Jobin.

With Dripify it's recommended to prepare your list of leads using external tools and import them into the Dripify campaign. Same is applicable also at the end of the campaign when you select prospects, people not interested, etc. and transfer them into a CRM for storage.

The overall difference with is that the imported profiles go to your's contacts list, not in a simple lead-list associated to a single campaign. In you will build your Contacts database and you can increase it in multiple rounds over time. From there you will choose the right people for each campaign you want to do now or in the future.
This Contacts database will grow and become more detailed with no update issues as it will be done automatically by syncing with LinkedIn😍.

With you can do multiple imports from different sources, including LinkedIn groups, events, post interactions or from Internet and CSV files, and let take care of the de-duplication and merging of the data. Then, you will be able to search and filter within itself to prepare your best list. You don't need to rely on LinkedIn searches.

Campaigns management

In Dripify, managing audiences for campaigns is a manual process, and to move audience members to a different campaign you need to export them via CSV, then add them to the other campaign. Each list is a separate thing.
This is totally different in because everything is focused on people and their profiles are persistent in your database. Messaging campaigns are just operations you perform on your contacts.

Adding and removing campaign membership is a little tricky in Diripify. offers a simpler interface to do this.

In there is a useful feature which allows you to duplicate a campaign and apply some changes and variations without restarting from scratch. This is not possible with Dripify.

With Dripify it is not possible to edit campaign sequences once the campaign is active. allows you to change the text of the messages, or to change time delays even with a campaign in progress. This flexibility allows you to continually refine and improve the performance of your outreach and adapt it to new circumstances.

Editing of messages and templates

The smart fields and "snippets" that you can use to create your message templates are richer than usual in both products. So, in both and Dripify you can mention prospect's achievements, and other personalization options. Dripify has also something like 'time of the day'. has a multi-featured message editor and gives you the ability to add images, videos and/or hyperlinks to the automated messages.
This is missing on Dripify.

It's worth mentioning that when it comes to writing a personalized message, the rich profile and history kept by about each prospect is quite useful.

LinkedIn Connection invitation

With Dripify you're limited to sending 75 regular connection requests per day and 75 connection requests by email per day. To send connection requests by email you’ll need to use email finder credits (included in each Dripify plan). This gives corporate email addresses, and does that with a success rate of 50-70%, as claimed by Dripify.

It was recently unofficially reported that Dripify can no longer send LinkedIn invitations to connect in a reliable way. But that makes sense knowing the type of technology used by Dripify and the changes in the LinkedIn system. Hopefully this will be solved soon.

In Dripify "invite by email" and "general invite" cannot be used in the same workflow, so you need to work on your lists by making sure all prospects have emails or the list doesn't exceed the LinkedIn limits. Also, in Dripify you can't manually add a missing email😒.
We consider these substantial limitations to productivity, hopefully they will be resolved in the next versions of the product.

In this problem does not exist because in case of missing emails, you can activate the automatic email finder integrated in to retrieve these even during a running campaign 😎.
Or don't worry about emails at all, and send 200 LinkedIn invitations a day (without requiring emails) with's bypass functionality.


Dripify uses remote cloud servers to log into your LinkedIn account on your behalf and this is the reason why Dripify asks you for your LinkedIn credentials.
Because the Dripify servers are using your account credentials, you can have your browser closed or even your PC or laptop switched off.
Some people like it, some other not... but it is very practical. does not ask you for any password and does not login on your social media account on your behalf. Instead, it is your own browser that performs operations taking commands from a plug-in.

These two approaches have their advantages and disadvantages🤔
The advantage of is that you have full control and ownership of your account. The receiving servers (LinkedIn) will not notice any change because it is still you (on your own browser) performing operations at your same usual active hours, especially if the timing, randomness and pace resemble that of a human being.
The disadvantage is that you need to keep your browser turned on to allow functionality.
However, when this is done correctly, this is undetectable. Then, applies techniques and technologies that go far beyond this. That is safe.

With Dripify you do not need your browser turned on, because it's a remote machine that logs into your LinkedIn account on your behalf. However, by doing this, Dripify puts your social account in a slightly awkward situation where LinkedIn sees you logging in from different locations (IPs) and different devices (from your machine and from the Dripify data center) 😨
Platforms like LinkedIn are particularly "nervous" about this behavior and double logins are easier to identify. You should be extremely careful with this usage to keep your own account safe from restrictions and bans.

Team Collaboration

Both and Dripify are able to manage team collaboration and the LinkedIn accounts of all team members.

In you have the freedom to set which LinkedIn account to use for the campaign.
This is quite handy when in the team one member sends messages on behalf of another (e.g. a recruiter on behalf of the hiring manager) or perhaps you can use this function to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts of your own business or in the case when you are an agent that operate on behalf of your clients.

In Dripify you need the "Advanced" Plan at $79/user/month for Team functionality.
In, team collaboration take place within the so-called "WorkGroups". Several members of a WorkGroup can combine their efforts to create a unified list of leads and share their work to nurture and convert the prospects.
In this is also available in the "Starter" plan at only $16.99/user/month 😍.

Dripify cannot identify duplicated leads among team members. This is quite annoying because in a team work, you can end up sending the same message twice to a prospect from two different team members 😨
Again, the external preparation of your lists in Dripify must be very careful using an appropriate external tool.

Life is easier using because the prospect list can be merged between different team members (e.g. a recruiting team or a group of sales representatives). As noted earlier, in you focus on the "people" and not the "campaign" with its list.

In Dripify, team messaging is disconnected, so when you talk to a prospect, you don't know if and what your colleague has previously written to them as well 🙄
In, if two team members are in the same WorkGroup, they share the inbox for common leads, so there is no risk of repeating information, asking twice or contradicting team communications 😎
Another great advantage is that you don't have to waste time updating your colleagues on the status and details of any conversation with a potential customer 😉


In both products, you'll find advanced analytics with crucial metrics and conversion rates. In Dripify they have focused on reporting on the performance of team members, while in there are better stats on LinkedIn and campaign results.

In, you have detailed information about queued actions and instant operation monitor, but these are missing in Dripify.

With Dripify, you can't see where every lead is in the campaign funnel. Furthermore, it is not possible to monitor the performance of individual campaign steps.

In you have both. A general view of campaign performance, where you can extract the list of people who have reached each selected stage of your campaign. Also a "single person" view, where you can monitor his current status and perform specific operations such as to remove it from the automatic campaign, write notes or assign a tag and any changes or manual actions such as sending a personal message at your discretion.

Smart inbox

Dripify offers a sort of smart inbox in the 'Pro' plan but this contains only campaign-related messages.
In the smart inbox is also available in the 'Starter' plan, and is something more advanced. Contains all messaging interactions sent and received via LinkedIn and email and what's more, the timeline provided by, includes every system operation and pipeline movement to provide a complete overview of the prospect's journey.

From that "Interactions Timeline" that you find in, you also have the possibility to see your prospect's profile and a very useful box to edit a new message and send it immediately.
Overall, the experience and functionality of this interface are excellent.

Both products can Import and Export leads into CSV

Pricing and Sales approach

Where the two products differ most is the missing Free plan in Dripify.

The "Free Forever Plan" of is instead fairly usable and includes a package of features which allows you to freely source, filter and create unlimited lists of Prospects, send LinkedIn messages and invitations in bulk and send 100 bulk emails per day, extract unlimited email and telephone numbers from Internet. also includes some free credits in the free plan for enriching profiles and finding contacts.

The Basic plan of Dripify costs $39/user/month and offers only one drip campaign, without inbox, no integrations, no export and no reporting.
Then the plans go up to $79/user/month.

In, when you need something more than what included in the Free Plan, has upgrades divided into modular solutions that can be purchased independently, only if you need them, and at the level that best suits your company.
All the modules are in the $20 - $30 range.

If you have found something incorrect or that needs updating, please contact: product-comparison-committee

Features comparison: vs Dripify

Free Trial
14 days
7 days
Tutorial environment / sandbox
Free Forever Plan
Cost of standard Plan
Email finder
Email automation
Throttling system on messaging
Advanced LinkedIn analytics
Compatibility with LinkedIn accounts
Free, Premium, Sales Navigator and Recruiter
Sales Navigator
Ask for your Linkedin Password
No (use your browser)
Yes (login on your behalf)
Advanced automation customization
Interactions and messaging timeline
only messages
Zapier integration
Team work possibility
De-Duplication system with smart merge
Customer support
Live chat with humans 24/7
Live chat with real humans 6/7d
Modular price system (buy only what you need)

Final Score is:


Dripify handles LinkedIn marketing outreach campaigns nicely. goes beyond that and in addition to the LinkedIn automation also offers email automation. is best when you are interested in a long-term relationship with your audience because the system is "people-centered" rather than "campaign-centered" like Dripify. manages full profiles (which includes career history, skills and achievements) and allows tagging and annotation as well as pipeline management for all your contacts.
In you also have the ability to filter, rank, automatically update and select groups from your contacts for proper inclusion in messaging campaigns. All of this simply doesn't exist in Dripify. can serve not only marketers but also the most demanding needs of Recruiters, BDM, Account Managers and Small business owners.

Dripify is a great LinkedIn automation and outreach tool but not for any prospecting, list management nor for sourcing.

Dripify do not has a free plan.

Dripify can be considered if you don't need to build long-lasting relationships with your prospects and you manage one campaign independently of the next.
When you care about building relationships and your focus is on "people" instead of "campaigns", is far better suited by design. The powerful messaging campaigns run by for example include internal checking on customized tagging and attributes belonging to the prospects in your list. is an all-in-one package with multiple modular solutions to find, select and reach people. These core features are always available with a Free plan but this can be upgraded at any time with one or more modules via quick purchase requisitions based on your current business needs.

If you stop paying you can still enjoy a Free usable version that keeps all your data available and has several features that may be enough for some small business or occasional use.
There's also the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade single solution packages, including FREE plans, to follow your current needs and be ready for future business expansion.

At the end of all these consideration we can state that: is a better Dripify alternative