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This review was updated on 10 Aug 2022

Is a better alternative to Contact Out?

Contact Out is an email finder and sender that scrapes info from single profile pages of LinkedIn.
These features are also available in but the integration with LinkedIn is significantly greater in compared to the one of Contact Out.

Both Contact Out and are able to enrich your data in bulk to get full profile details and contact information.
However, the Contact Out database seems smaller and sometimes you don't get the desired data.

Operational differences

When you visit a LinkedIn profile, the Contact Out Chrome extension provides you with that person's business email and phone. It also works on GitHub.

The Chrome extension also does the same on individual LinkedIn profiles views, but in addition it also works on LinkedIn search results pages of any kind.
This makes a huge difference in the efficiency of your sourcing work because with a single click you can import thousands of profiles without visiting each of them😎.
You will be able to filter, rank and segment them later within you profile repository.

Another big difference is that from the Chrome extension, in addition to reading information including emails, phones, and social URLs, you can also write tags, annotations, and even assign that prospect to one of your custom pipelines😍.
This is something that makes a difference in the efficiency and productivity of your work.

Contacts repository

Contact Out scrapes profiles from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and saves them to a dashboard. The profiles are just 3 lines with name, role, company, location and school. From there you can carry out your searches.

The profile repository in is on another level. For each of your prospects this private repository in your account contains the full bio, social URLs, career history, skills, achievements and contact information of all your prospects.
With you can perform bulk imports from LinkedIn searches, individual profiles, and even from LinkedIn group members, event attendees, and even people who interacted with a post.

In Contact Out, lead list management is organized into folders and statuses.
In, filtering, ranking, assignment to custom pipelines, tagging and annotation are substantially a more robust toolset.

Find contact information

Contact Out provides 150 emails/month and 15 phone numbers/month using additional credit. Quantities increases in higher plans., on the other hand, counts the enrichment of the profile in block for each prospect and a single enrichment gives you all the phone numbers along with the work and private emails and social URLs for free if they are public and uses the credits if not.

Automation performs mass sourcing and import of full profiles in one click from the LinkedIn search results page or other pages containing a list of profiles. With you do not necessarily need to visit LinkedIn profiles.

Another time saving feature is the one that allows you to set up auto import profiles so that any view imports that profile into as well. Zero clicks needed and no popup distraction from your reading.

In you can decide whether to import profiles with or without contact information. You can add contact information later if you decide this is a lead you want to contact. This way you can save credits.

With Contact Out you should do your search in LinkedIn and start opening every single LinkedIn profile. From the profile view page click on the Contact Out extension and you will get the email and phone numbers. You get it by copying and pasting or transferring it too the Contact Out dashboard.
To put it short: you don't have any automation😏 and there's a huge click around on LinkedIn pages, and this, as we know, is limited by LinkedIn itself based on your subscription.
NOTE: With Contact Out, you cannot use LinkedIn Free if you want several profiles views. LinkedIn detects an unusual number of profile openings and restricts your account because of "commercial use" of its data inviting you to purchase a premium subscription.

In you can:

  1. Import large quantities of selected leads, from a LinkedIn group or perhaps all event attendees, or simply the list of results from an advanced LinkedIn search.
  2. Clean up your list using filters and rankings or visually scroll through all detailed profiles.
  3. Select the best targets and insert them in the appropriate campaign.
  4. If you have multiple campaigns, you can also switch between them appropriately.

Another useful automation is the one that allows you to select the recipient list for your email messages and if the email address is missing, it will be found on the fly without interrupting the campaign.

Contact Out keeps opening on its own even if you do not want it and do not need that data. This might be a little annoying.


Contact Out uses old technology to extract emails from LinkedIn and this is a bit invasive on LinkedIn servers which could flag and ban your LinkedIn account.
You can't really use Contact Out too much to avoid LinkedIn bans😏. uses a completely different technology and also advanced throttling systems that make the system behave exactly like you could do on your own from your keyboard. Many operations are even less invasive than human ones and are not even counted by LinkedIn.

Profiles management

With Contact Out you can scrape lists of contacts and get a CSV file with email addresses.
The same is possible with with the addition of the LinkedIn URL and the possibility to enrich with the full prospect bio, career history, professional skills and much more than just contact information.

It is important to note that a "lead" in Contact Out contains only the name, title, company and location. Consequently, any personalization of the message is limited to this information. imports full profiles that contain the full bio and career history, skills achievements interests and anything you commonly find in a resume or CV.
This is because was born to serve the recruiting industry and includes powerful search, filters and AI ranking system that are not considered in Contact Out.

It is clear that in the personalization of messages can be much more engaging and can be done at scale.

Contact Out has a "Prospects Search" feature which allows you to ask a few questions about your target leads and ICP and get lists of people who can eventually be inserted into one of your lists.

Team collaboration

In Contact Out, team collaboration consists of sharing leads lists (folders) and having notes visible to everyone.

In Contact Out there are no tags and no kind of pipeline management, so the only option is to type some text in the note.
The whole team must be consistent with this to maintain clarity.

In the team (or teams) are organized into "WorkGroups" and different members can combine their efforts to create a unified list of leads and share work to nurture and convert common prospects.

Members of the same WorkGroup also share custom pipelines and "interaction timelines" on each prospect, so that all team members knows what the situation is with each prospect on the list.

This avoids the risk of duplicating messages or asking the same questions twice. No more wasting time between teams to sync work because every interaction with common leads is shared in a unified timeline.

De-duplication of profiles

One problem that exists in Contact Out is the bad management of duplicates especially when working in a team. In that case there is no control and you have to be careful that one of your colleagues has not included the same lead otherwise you risk sending a double message to the prospect and this will not be nice🙄

In the de-duplication of all contacts is continuous and also considers the merging of data with your personal notes, tags and all changes. This way you don't lose anything.
If the data source is more up-to-date, the new information will be added to the old record without any data loss.

Email finder

With Contact Out you visit a LinkedIn profile and click to get the email. Unfortunately this should be done one by one if you want to control who to spend a credit on. The other alternative would be to relatively blindly spend a credit in bulk on every result in the LinkedIn search, which may contain irrelevant or redundant profiles. has the great advantage of importing and scraping LinkedIn profiles lists in full, allowing you to properly polish your lists so both individually or in bulk you'll be able to only spend your credits on the contacts that matter.
Jobin will also automatically and for free extract any LinkedIn available contact information, so spending a enrichment credit might not even be necessary. provides the same service of disclosing emails, phone numbers and social profiles both from its browser plugin and from the platform itself. This can happen on request or even automatically on anyone selected for an email campaign that doesn't have an email address. has advanced management of both work and personal emails with automatic detection. The messaging system setup allows you to select the preferred email type based on your messaging characteristics. So, for example, a recruiter will prefer to send a new job offer using a private email rather than the company email where the candidate is currently working.

Emailing and messaging

Both Jobin and Contact Out can work in combination with Google G-Suite and Microsoft Office 365.

The campaign monitoring in Contact Out has the limit of not fully tracking the emails sent, so if someone replied you only have the title of the email. manages and automatically tracks both messaging on LinkedIn and also Emails, both of which are tracked fully with Subject and content, you can even see the attachments!.

In tracking all the messaging steps with each of your prospects is quite advanced and from the "Interactions Timeline" page you can see all the messaging interactions sent and received via LinkedIn and via Email. The interaction timeline in also includes any system operations and pipeline movements that occurred during the prospect's journey.
In case you are working as a team, this interaction timeline as well as prospects, are shared between your workgroup team members so you can properly co-ordinate and avoid sending double messages, and mess up the communication with your prospects or customers. can provide both business and private emails and can autodetect the email type. This allows you to set your preferences for using private email or work email in your emailing campaigns. This is especially appreciated by recruiters who need confidentiality with their messages and cannot write on the candidates' company email.

When sending out email campaigns in Jobin, there's also the option to automatically retrieve emails of anyone that doesn't have the preferred email type. Of course, it's not guaranteed to find it all the time, but it saves lots of time compared to having to search and enrich them manually.

Messaging campaigns

With the "Professional" plan Contact Out provides you with a mailing sequencing tool and the integration with Google and Office 365.
Emails can use a template and fields from your contact list for personalization. Then Contact Out is able to track email touches (open rate, link clicked, open time).

In you have an advanced messaging sequence and outreach campaign system that can also be managed at team level.
Team members can also send emails "on behalf" of a colleague (many recruiters use this to write to candidates on behalf of the hiring manager).

With you can monitor all stages of the campaign and the status of every single prospect you have in it.

Pricing and Sales approach

It's not really fair to compare with Contact Out because has a lot more features that are combined into an organic B2B sourcing, prospecting and outreach platform, whereas Contact Out is just a contact finder and verifier with a mailer.

Nevertheless is cheaper 👍 has a usable Free forever plan and the upgrades are divided into modular solutions that can be purchased independently, only if you need them, and at the level that best suits your company.

With Contact Out you should consider purchasing many other tools to complement your tech stack. At least a good CRM is needed. gives you all publicly available emails, phones and social profile URLs for Free, because this is included into the free forever sourcing tool, and only charges for those that are not available.
You pay for a full profile enrichment, the first 5 contact enrichment are free then you could purchase another 50 credits for $16.99.

Contact Out only gives you 40 leads/month for free, then you pay $29/month to get 1800. Contact Out also charges you for emails that are already disclosed on LinkedIn, and in most cases you only receive those emails.'s approach is to integrate all the functionality needed on a daily basis by most recruiters, marketers, salespeople and business owners. All in one package that works smoothly at every stage of your daily routine. So the lead generation can be followed by filtering operations, contact finding, emailing and outreach even on LinkedIn to the selected prospects.
This translates into a considerable saving of money and, above all, a saving of time, because this totally eliminates any data transfer operation between different products and everybody knows that these things are not always 100% smooth.

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Features comparison: vs Contact Out

Free Trial
14 days
Tutorial environment / sandbox
Free Forever Plan
Unlimited leads
> 40 leads/month
max 1 user per company
Cost of standard Plan
Email finder
Free + on Demand purchase
(full Profile enrichment - all contacts)
1800 contacts/year
(One credit per Email or Tel)
People Search
(using Google X-Ray)
Compatibility with LinkedIn accounts
Free, Premium, Sales Navigator
and Recruiter
( Sales Navigator, Premium and Recruiter only with "Professional" )
Salesforce, Lever,
Greenhouse, and more.
using Office 360 or G-suite
Interactions and messaging timeline
Team work possibility
Customer support
Live chat with humans 24/7
Modular price system (buy only what you need)

Final Score is:


Contact Out is not comparable to simply because most of the features offered by Contact Out are included in the Free Forever Plan of Jobin.

Furthermore, has a lot more features that are combined in different modular and optional "Solutions" that together cover the entire marketing cycle: from sourcing your prospects, screening, to enriching profiles and outreach with automatic messaging campaign.

The "All-in-one" characteristic of and its rich "Free Forever Plan" simply outmatch Contact Out. Contact Out is just a nice simple tool that you need to integrate with additional external CRM and mailers software, piling up with the costs and with the time consuming and hassles of data transfer among them. is a better Contact Out alternative