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This review was updated on 26 Aug 2022

Is a better alternative to Waalaxy?

Waalaxy for some reason is the rebranding of the previous ProspectIn. It makes a lot of claims by writing that it is "the #1 tool for LinkedIn & cold email prospecting" and that "other players on the market just can't hold up" and in fact it is a very popular tool especially in France from where its founders come from.

Waalaxy has a long list of "pre-made" templates for running marketing campaigns and outreach using LinkedIn and email. Most of them have overlapping features. The lack of full campaign customization isn't a big deal (they say) because one of these pre-made will likely fit your purpose. Ultimately the problem is finding the model you want browsing the list.

In the multiplatform messaging campaign can be completely customized and edited from scratch by the User.

An important role in both Waalaxy and is the integration with LinkedIn and the automation of the most common operations such as sending connection invitations or visit profiles, extracting email, etc.

Functional differences

A major difference is that the outreach campaign manager in Jobin is well integrated with its embedded CRM / ATS system.

Another great advantage of is its native integration with ChatGPT that allows the elaboration of personalized messages by AI that get source information directly from the LinkedIn profiles of your prospects.
More about this hot topic can be found here: Jobin and chatGPT integration

While Waalaxy only manages “lists” of prospects that you have to import for each campaign, Jobin does much more than this, and gives you access to a full database of your contacts that can be populated and organized with different customized pipelines and stages (for workflow tracking), and for each prospect you can also add your notes and tags.

These pipelines and their customized stages, will follow the progress in the journey you have planned with your messaging campaign and potentially also subsequent activities in your business.
In this way Jobin gives you all the tools to create and track real relationships with your prospects.

This functionality cannot be easily replicated using an external CRM that probably will be simply connected via a Zapier webhooks.

Thanks to the synergy between its campaign manager, pipelines and the embedded database, Jobin can be flexibly customized to feed and maintain your “Recruiting pipelines”, “Sales process pipelines”, “Nurturing and Awareness campaigns” and anything that concerns your business activities.

So, while in Waalaxy you have a rigid list of prospects for your campaigns, in Jobin you can build long term relationships with your contacts, and you have have plenty of filtering possibilities and maximum flexibility to “assign”, remove, and tag people into one, or more fully customizable pipeline to continue and adapt further discussions and personalized proposals.

Campaign manager

In Waalaxy you should get a list of prospects, you select one of the pre-made campaign, change some text and run the campaign. What you get is the performance statistics of this campaign.

The campaign manager of Jobin does a step further: it is not just a manager of multichannel messaging sequences (email + LinkedIn), but it is also able to automatically interact with the tags and other information you have given to your prospects. It is also able to move prospects along different stages of your customized pipeline including rejecting/archiving from it.

This does not exist in Waalaxy.

In Jobin’s outreach campaign manager, as far as LinkedIn is concerned, you can also automate withdrawing invitations, you can automate pipeline tracking, automate profile updating, assign tags, move to pipeline stages, set delays and apply conditions to create custom paths or scenarios for your automated sequence to follow.

In Waalaxy not only are you unable to customize the sequence and are forced to follow a rigid sequence template, but you also have to assign entire lists into it with little to no options of pre-screening and cleanup. The sequences themselves also only have outreach capabilities with no customizable tracking or assignable conditions.

Filtering and selecting prospects

In Waalaxy you don't have filters for your prospects, so you need to select people with LinkedIn and put them in a list for your campaign.

This is fine but definitely not at the level of control offered by where the amount of filtering possibilities is astounding and includes filters such as the date of your last message, whether that person is your connection, availability of Email or Tel, any of yours custom tags, skills and even if they're 'open to work' .

As Waalaxy suggests, going further is only possible by purchasing additional seats and using additional LinkedIn accounts. In other words: pay more 🙄.

In the case of there is a real possibility to overcome LinkedIn's limitations by using its bypass feature.

With a account, even the Free one, you can seriously build a solid network and nurture it at scale. This isn't just within LinkedIn.

This is also supported by the fact that also helps you in search, manage, rank and outreach your prospects.

In the throttling and limitation of any automation has a default value. For example, the default connection invitations setting is 200/day, but you can set any value including unlimited LinkedIn invitations.

Waalaxy maintains lists of prospects that should be prepared within LinkedIn. Hence, no further filtering or segmentation is possible.

In comparison, has a robust profile data-base with hundreds of data-nodes and fields that allows for filtering and ranking at the level of an advanced ATS. Suitable for to the demanding requirements of Recruiters, during the screening of their Candidates.

In general Waalaxy does not allow you to control much over its operations. If you want to be a little more aware of your operations and like to monitor and fine-tune your campaigns, you'll like more.

Messaging personalization

On Waalaxy the level of details in the profiles is limited to the basic name, surname, company.
With only this information available it is not possible to use Waalaxy to fine tune your target audience and perform some sort of pre-screening of your prospects. It goes without saying that the only possible 'personalization' of messages is limited to the basic name, role, company.

The formatting of the messages you can send is also limited to text and you can't have links or attachments, for example.

Perhaps Waalaxy's biggest limitation is the inability to send InMails and any LinkedIn messages but they claim this is in development.

In you can send all, Emails, LinkedIn messages, InMails and even personalized LinkedIn connection invitations.

These multi-channel outreach functionalities in can be handled by the fully customizable Advanced Campaign builder, and for each prospect you can view a full emails and LinkedIn messaging threads plus any system operation in the screen that calls Interactions Timeline.
With that on display it becomes quick and easy to engage in valuable conversations with your audience.

It is important to note that this "Interactions Timeline" in, synchronized with LinkedIn, can also be shared on a team level.

Team Collaboration

Both and Waalaxy are able to manage team collaboration. Waalaxy has a centralized dashboard where activities from multiple accounts are merged together.

In the team (or teams) are organized into "WorkGroups" and different members can combine their efforts to create a unified list of leads and share work to nurture and convert common prospects.

Members of the same WorkGroup also share the "interaction timeline" so that everyone knows what the past communication status and other interactions between this prospect and any member of your team are.
This prevents the risk of double messaging or asking the same questions twice. No more wasting time among the team to synchronize work because every interaction with common leads is shared in a unified timeline.

Email finder

For the email finder Waalaxy relies on an external provider (Dropcontact) where you must provide your subject's name+surname+company. This means that you only have business emails which are best guess from an element permutator plus validation.
Not the best condition if you are a Recruiter and you want to send your confidential messages with job offers to your candidate's the private email ... 😅 provides you with all publicly available emails and contact information for Free, because they are included in the free Forever sourcing tool, and only charges for those that are not available. has complete management of both work and personal emails with automatic detection and their correct use according to your messaging needs. In case of missing email it could be found on request even during an ongoing campaign.

Waalaxy gives you access to an email finder only in the top Business plan at 80€/month with only the business emails, and gives both business and private emails in the Free plan and only charges the not public ones. The comparison is a no-brainer.'s email lookup is very user-friendly as you can get contact information (emails and phones) as an individual request (as other tools do), but you can also enable an Automatic lookup during campaigns or a Bulk Update with automatic contact lookup.

Pricing and Sales approach

Waalaxy has a Free plan where you can contact about 15 people per day (100/week) and the Basic plan is limited to one-action campaigns.

Scale up is based on multiplying the active LinkedIn accounts in your team, including creating of some 'artificial' accounts. Each of these accounts must be purchased separately. This increase the total cost per single outreach opportunity because you need to purchase multiple subscriptions to scale up 🙄. takes a different approach. provides a functional Free Forever plan, then, you can have a 14-day trial to test one or more premium solutions upgrades.
The prices for each individual solution are displayed and for each of them you can choose the plan level that best suits your current business needs. Transparency and flexibility in purchasing only what you really need with the advantage of upgrading and downgrading at any time.

Waalaxy has a habit of promoting their features well in advance, even before they actually have them. So be careful because sometimes "what you read" is NOT "what you get" 😉 You should check with their Sales Representatives.

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Features comparison: vs Waalaxy

Free Trial
14 days
7 days
Tutorial environment / sandbox
Free Plan
Cost of standard Plan
Email finder
Free from LinkedIn and Google
+ Optional Credits
Only in the Top plan
External tool
Contacts type
Work + Private Emails and Tel
Only Work Emails
Throttling system on messaging
Advanced automation customization
List of templates
Email, LinkedIn messages, InMails and Invitations.
Email and Invitations
Advanced LinkedIn analytics
Compatibility with LinkedIn accounts
Free, Premium, Sales Navigator and Recruiter
Free and Sales Navigator
Interactions and messaging timeline
+ $50.00/month
De-Duplication system with smart merge
Customer support
Live chat with humans 24/7 and email
Live chat with humans 5d/week only at French working hours.
Modular price system (buy only what you need)
(just the "inbox")

Final Score is:


Both and Waalaxy save a lot of time for any recruiter and professional who needs to communicate on a large scale using both LinkedIn messaging, connection invitation an emails. maintains a full-profile database at ATS/CRM level that includes advanced filtering, ranking and pipelines workflow management. All this is missing in Waalaxy which instead relies on integration with external software.

The sourcing capabilities in are complemented with an advanced LinkedIn automation package. In Waalaxy sourcing is limited to a basic scraping tool used as list builder.

Where the two products differ the most is Waalaxy's near-useless free plan. has a fully functional free plan and offers you a 14-day free trial of any solution upgrade you might want while using it.
This modularity and flexibility is a great money saver because you can only upgrade the functions you really need, and when you need them. manages full profiles (which include career history, skills and achievements) and allows tagging and annotation as well as pipeline management for all your contacts.
In you also have the ability to filter, rank, auto update and select groups from your contacts for proper inclusion in messaging campaigns that simply does not exist in Waalaxy. is an all-in-one package with multiple modular solutions to find, screen and outreach people with email and LinkedIn. Waalaxy focuses on the email outreach and pipeline management. is a better Waalaxy alternative