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This review was updated on 10 Aug 2022

Is a better alternative to Lusha?

Lusha is a B2B lead generation and contact data provider that uses a browser plug-in to disclose contact information such as email and phone numbers of your prospects. goes further and in addition to contact data search functionality, it combines several other services that covers the entire marketing automation workflow, from sourcing to outreach.

We should say that comparing the two products is actually not correct because has a lot more features that are combined in an organic B2B prospecting platform, where Lusha is just a contact finder.

Nevertheless Lusha was founded in 2016 and has a well established data base and user community.

Lusha Pricing and Sales approach

Lusha has a Free plan but offers only 5 emails and phone lookups per month with it. That's just a way to taste the data, not really a usable thing. So you need to pay $51 (billed annually, so it's $612) for 840 credits in the year, for one user.

You’ll get all of these credits upfront because you have paid the year upfront 😉 to use gradually throughout the year.
If you’d prefer to pay Lusha on a monthly basis the plan will cost $69 (25% more) and the credits will also be divided, with 70 credits for each month you’re subscribed.

So, Lusha sells one lookup at $0.73 each with your yearly commitment and the pool of 840 credits credits will reset at the beginning of every annual billing cycle.

However, with a couple of emails a day many sales teams and recruiters don't do too much. Lusha suggests you to purchase multiple seats and work in teams of several people 🙄.

Lusha enterprise plans are custom-built and are only available on an annual basis, they requires a phone call to Lusha. You have to buy multiple seats and each of them must use different LinkedIn accounts so the money to spend will multiply. However, in this way you will be able to increase the total amount of available credits but anyway, each credit will never cost less than $0.45.

So, with Lusha, we should say that we are a bit on the expensive side of the market for buying emails. gives you all the publicly available emails and contact information for Free, because this is included into the Free Forever sourcing tool, and only charges for those that are not available less than 40cents.

It goes without saying that with a tool like Lusha that only provides you with emails and telephone numbers, you need to buy some other tools to get your job done and be ready to continually perform data transfer operations among your set of tools. One to search, one to send email, another to keep track of people contacted. is an All-In-One prospecting automation tool. This saves you money and saves you time of the continuous data transfer you would do with different tools.

Operative differences

Both Lusha and uses a Chrome extension running also on Edge, which allows you to grab data when browsing LinkedIn profiles.

With Lusha you must open a LinkedIn profile, click on the icon and unlock the contact information available (email or phone). The only thing you can do is to put that lead into a list.
Note that you cannot do that in bulk, but only one-by-one opening all single profiles in LinkedIn and always click the icon and then eventually save into a list. Not much automation there ... 😀 unless you pay for a Premium plan and you will unlock up to 25 prospects together.

If you compare that with you will happily see that you can perform unlimited manual email/tel lookups, unlimited automatic lookups during campaigns, and unlimited bulk updates (with contact lookup). with the only condition of your available credits.

Another consideration about operative differences is that with Lusha you will want to send that list (or lists) into a proper external CRM tool to manage that group of prospects that anyway contains just name, role and company. goes far beyond that. The Chrome extension of can grab full profiles and not only from the single page view, but from any kind of LinkedIn list as search results, list of group members, list of event attendees and even list of people interacting with a linkedIn post. You can imagine how powerful can be to grab thousands of highly segmented people groups with just one click.
In addition to that offers you the possibility to give tags, text annotation to each of these prospects and also to assign them to pipelines that you can fully customize according to your personal business workflow.
This is definitely much more powerful than a save into a list as done in Lusha. has advanced management of both work and personal emails with automatic detection and their correct use according to your messaging needs. In case of a missing email it could be found on request even during an ongoing campaign.

The approach of, is to integrate all functionality needed on a daily basis by the majority of recruiters, marketers, salespeople and business owners. All in one package that works smoothly at every stage of your daily routine. So the lead generation can be followed by filtering operations, contact finding, emailing and outreach even on LinkedIn to the selected prospects.
This ends up in a sensible money-saving and most importantly, in time-saving advantage, because this totally eliminates any data transfer operation between different products and everybody knows that these things are not always 100% smooth.

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Features comparison: vs Lusha

Free Trial
14 days
Tutorial environment / sandbox
Free Forever Plan
Cost of standard Plan
Email finder
Free + optional credits
Automatic lookup in campaigns
Bulk Email lookups
only one at a time
25 with "Premium"
Interactions and messaging timeline
Team work possibility
De-Duplication system with smart merge
Customer support
Live chat with humans 24/7
Modular price system (buy only what you need)

Final Score is:


Lusha, is not comparable to simply because most of the features offered by Lusha are included in the Free Forever Plan of Jobin. let you pre-screen your lead list with high accuracy and triggers the email finders automatically only when there is an outreach operation to perform.

Furthermore, has a lot more features that are combined in different modular and optional "Solutions" that together cover the entire marketing cycle: from sourcing your prospects, screening, to enriching profiles and outreach with automatic messaging campaign.

The 'All-in-one' characteristic of and its rich 'Free Forever Plan' simply outmatch Lusha. Lusha is just a nice simple tool that provides quality contact information and pops-up when you browse profiles pages, however you need to integrate it with additional external CRM and mailers software, piling up with the costs and with the time consuming and hassles of data transfer among them. is a better Lusha alternative