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Is a better alternative to Hunter? is an email finder tool that uses a browser plugin extension as an interface to help find business emails (not private emails)😥 given the company URL.
As soon as you also provide the first name, surname and company URL of your prospects, can find the best guess combinations to build a company email. is an "All-in-one" product which among other features also has a powerful contact finder.
In, the email finder is for both business and private emails and you can also get phone numbers and social URLs.


We should say that comparing the two products is actually not correct because has a lot more features in addition to providing you with contact information (email, phone numbers, private email) of your prospects. covers the entire B2B marketing cycle from sourcing your prospects, to screening, to enriching and outreach with email and LinkedIn messaging campaigns. does not provide phone numbers, private emails, and does not integrate with LinkedIn😥
In you will find business and private emails with automatic detection and the integration with LinkedIn is above market standards😎

In, the publicly available emails are provided free of charge and this functionality is included in's "Free Forever Plan"😍
Email and additional contact information are accessible on demand and also automatically when you are running a messaging campaign.

Contact finder

When you browse a Company's website, the's plugin reads its URL and provides you with professional email addresses of people with that. stores the most common email format pattern used in that organization. calls this function "Domain Search" and this provides a list of people who work at that Company by giving you their name and email addresses, including emails such as "".

Unfortunately, not all websites can provide adequate professional email addresses. This relies on a good update of the data, otherwise the results can be very disappointing. finds verified email addresses or gets a percentage confidence score. can only handle professional email addresses and ignores any ,, etc. Personal emails don't exists in does not provide phone numbers.

Many users complain about the inaccuracy of the emails and the randomness of the "validator" in and the reasons are probably those discussed above. has an embedded email finder and also a contacts manager and CRM system.

Most of the emails are already available in the profile. Missing ones can be retrieved on-demand using credits for "Profile Enrichment".


In you have your prospect list with highly detailed profile information including work and private emails, phone numbers, social profiles and full bio with career history, location, skills and achievements.
Thanks to this rich set of profile data offered by, it will be possible to perform an accurate pre-screening and also to compose more personalized messages. This is well appreciated by several recruiters, marketers and salespeople. collects information about prospects from various Internet sources including LinkedIn.

Outreach helps you build the right leads list and then performs the outreach either via email or via LinkedIn message or connection invitation.

When the email is missing, you can extract it from's built-in email finder and the Profile Enrichment system available in has advanced management of both work and personal emails with auto-detection. This is often relevant depending on the type of messaging to be sent. In case of missing email it could be retrieved automatically during the bulk messaging operation.
This is particularly appreciated by recruiters who need confidentiality with their messages and cannot write on the candidates' company email.

In there is no messaging possibility and the only option you have is to export your emails to another tool that can handle it.

Operative differences is basically a large look-up table where you provide a company domain (by filling in a field or visiting that website) and clicking on the Chrome extension and you get a list of people whose business email matches that company.
With this search you also receive emails from that company's departments (e.g.

This database search also works in reverse, by typing in the name and company of your potential customers and you will receive their email which in most cases was derived from the best guess based on the email pattern used by the company (example:

In both cases there is no much automation involved and the process is laborious 🤔

You manually select prospects one-by-one clicking on the list provided by In this list you only have their business title and only based on this you will have to build your list.
This process is a tedious manual click and scroll🙄
After that you will need to export this list of names to an external CRM or mailer to start doing something about it.

In case of you can import hundreds of prospects in one click starting from a search on LinkedIn. Everything goes in your profile repository, then, you have plenty of filtering, ranking, tagging and annotating possibilities to clean up your list.
You can export this list to other tools but in the export is not necessary. is an all-in-one modular system.

Prospects Segmentation

You can create your profile repository from various sources and each profile includes contact information and the full bio, career history skills, achievements and many other info.
You can perform sophisticated segmentation and prospecting by filtering and ranking to finally start your outreach campaigns via Email or on LinkedIn. Also included in Jobin.

The main difference is that in you make your search for Leads based on a Company and get a bunch of people from all departments.
This means that you should pick the relevant people to contact from that list (not a really easy task).

In you can search your Leads with a much higher level of accuracy because you can filter by Company and set many other filter criteria such as a filter for a given industry, or select all people with a certain role title, or in location, and so on with many other possibilities of segmentation.
Obviously all these filters can be combined with each other and allow you to set-up well targeted B2B campaigns that search, for example, all "CEOs of software companies in San Francisco not contacted in the last 3 months and not 1st LinkedIn connection".

Generating such Lead lists is hundreds of times more effective than searching for your ideal prospects.
Then allows you to do this search also from LinkedIn and this makes all this even more powerful.

Import profiles

An important difference is that gives you the ability to import full profiles into your repository. It means that along with their email (work and private) and phone numbers, you will also have their full career history, skills, achievements combined with the tags and annotations that you could add by yourself or by a member of your team. (Yes allows Team collaboration). also includes pipeline workflow management and sophisticated outreach campaigns both via Email and on LinkedIn.

Hence, is a complete B2B prospecting platform and is just an email finder and basic mailer.
How to compare that?

Browser plug-in

Both and have a browser plug-in to pick emails while browsing the web. In case of you can use it to import full LinkedIn profiles.

Both products can perform bulk email searches / profile enrichment

Outreach campaigns

You can send a simple email directly from Hunter. It's helpful, but the follow up and annotations needed to continue your prospecting workflow are very poor.
You'll likely have to export everything to a proper CRM to get the job done.

In you will have a complete database of Prospects or Candidates imported in bulk from LinkedIn or from your CSV files. On them you can apply any type of filtering and ranking and as soon as you have selected the best prospects for you, you can start complex multi-platform messaging sequences with cold mailing or maybe a LinkedIn connection request and follow up messaging on LinkedIn or via Email.
All steps are monitored and you will fill your custom pipelines on autopilot.

This way will allow you to perfectly target your audience, prospecting and reach out with automatic messaging sequences. will be a game changer for your Business Development and to generate new business.

Data transfer

Thanks to the fact that also includes outreach capabilities via Email and LinkedIn, you do not have to worry about data transfer. You simply need to select the best prospects and directly use the contact information you have within Jobin. If an email is missing, it will be automatically retrieved and this will distinguish your preferences for using private email or work email. This is especially appreciated by recruiters who need confidentiality with their messages and cannot write on candidates' company email. can produce CSV files that need to be uploaded to an external CRM tool and to some mailing systems, making it more time consuming and ultimately expensive due to this larger stack of products to purchase for your operations.

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Features comparison: vs Hunter

Free Trial
14 days
get 25 credits
Tutorial environment / sandbox
Free Forever Plan
25 cred./mo
Cost of standard Plan
Free +
100 cred./mo
500 search/mo
Email finder
Free + optional
Only business email
Automatic lookup in campaigns
Bulk Email lookups
only "one at a time"
LinkedIn integration
Work and Personal Emails
No personal emails
Emails validation
manual mail send
Interactions and messaging timeline
Team work possibility
De-Duplication system with smart merge
Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, Zapier.
Customer support
Live chat with humans 24/7
Modular price system (buy only what you need)

Final Score is:


Hunter, is not comparable to simply because the basic email finder offered by Hunter is included in the's Free Forever Plan. Private email, telephone and many other prospect's information are not considered in Hunter. In you also have an automatic detection to separate private email from business email.

Furthermore, has a lot more features that are combined in different modular and optional "Solutions" that together cover the entire marketing cycle: from sourcing your prospects, screening, to enriching profiles and outreach with automatic messaging campaign.

The 'All-in-one' characteristic of and its rich 'Free Forever Plan' simply outmatch Hunter. Hunter is just a nice simple tool that you need to integrate with additional external CRM and mailers software, which will obviously increase the costs and above all the time and hassle due to the continuous transfer of data between different tools. is a better Hunter alternative