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This review was updated on 10 Aug 2022

Is a better alternative to Meet Alfred?

Meet Alfred, like, automates LinkedIn lead generation and both save a lot of time for any marketers, sales person and recruiters.

With Meet Alfred you should use Sales Navigator to perform the search and you need cut and paste of the LinkedIn URL. Same operation is possible with but just clicking a 'start import' button. Furthermore, offers also some selection of quantity and a very useful possibility to give tags, notes and assign that group of prospects directly into a pipeline.


Meet Alfred asks for your LinkedIn credential and use them to log-in on your behalf from its remote servers. does not ask you for any password, and do not log in on your social media account on your behalf. Instead, it is your own browser that performs operations taking commands from the plug-in.

Meet Alfred is hard on LinkedIn servers because is using an old technology on cloud servers. LinkedIn can clearly see a login on your account with your credentials from Meet Alfred's data servers. That is a suspicious behaviour for some social platforms as LinkedIn.

However, login from a remote server or from your own machine has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages of is that you have full control and the remote servers believes that is you performing the operations. The disadvantage is that you must maintain your browser on, to allow the functionality.
With Meet Alfred you do not need your browser on, because it is a remote machine that log to your social accounts on your behalf. However, in this way, Meet Alfred put your social accounts in a slightly awkward situation where the social platforms you log in (LinkedIn for example), see you logging in from different locations (IP) and different devices 😨
LinkedIn is particularly 'nervous' about this behaviour and you should be extremely careful about this usage to keep your own account safe from restrictions and ban.


Both Meet Alfred and have some sort of throttling system and management of gradual increase of LinkedIn activity.

Meet Alfred do not have enough control when it comes to the time delay setting and the throttling system. It tends also to work quite fast and that is a bad trigger for LinkedIn that do not likes automation.

Messaging campaign

With Meet Alfred, you put all people resulting from a LinkedIn search into a messaging campaign where you send invites to connect using custom messages.
The campaign is your focus of attention and you assign leads in it.

In, your focus of attention are people. So you have your leads list, and you can pre-screen and filter them or also apply complex criteria to rank according to the best fitting with your ideal prospect profile.
When done with the list cleaning, you assign the best to your campaign.

The good thing is that in you have very detailed people profiles so, for example, after a few months, you can maybe re-select some of them and set up a new messaging for these people keeping a full history of their complete journey and their comments and reactions along several kind of interactions and maybe different campaigns.

So Meet Alfred, is nice to manage single outreach campaigns, and is better when you are interested long-term relation with your audience sending one or multiple campaigns and taking track of complex and long-term interaction with your prospects that maybe are now customers or may have changed their careers.

An interesting feature of Meet Alfred is the one which allows you to give a like to the last Twitter post of your lead.
That action could increase the possibility to engage with that person. Of course, the Twitter account is not always available but that is another issue.

Profiling and screening is made to serve also the Recruiting processes and this is the reason why you will find there complete profiles with fully detailed career history and function as the bulk update of professional status with auto sync with LinkedIn profiles.

In you have all the tools to filter and clean your list before starting your messaging campaign.
In this way you will have a good response rate and most importantly you will be not seen as spammers and dangerously flagged by LinkedIn or other platforms.

In Meet Alfred, the profiles of people are just Name, Surname and Company and basically not much can be done because they are simply list to be attached to a campaign. In addition there is a 2500 profile limit on each campaign.


In the reporting page of Meet Alfred campaign, you will see how many people reacted to your messaging (for example replied) but being everything campaign-centered you do not see that list of persons, but just a global statistic.

In you will be able to see each group of people participating to your campaign and who is at each particular stage of your campaign. So it will be possible to browse the list of people that replied, people that ignored the message and so on.
Again this is because is people-centered and focus on building relations and will give you the possibility to pik that sub-list of people and re-message in a specific way.

Message personalisation has profiles with full bio and career history, interests, achievements and more info the you usually find only on a resume or CV.
This will allow you to mention things and personalize your messages with your prospects at a certain degree of personalization.

The leads you have in Meet Alfred are just Name, Surname and Company and basically not much can be done because they are simply list to be attached to a campaign.

Create a personalized messaging campaign is much better with Then offers an advanced drip campaign manager, multichannel LinkedIn and Email, with full control on time delays and conditional event handlers.
This functionality doesn't exist in Meet Alfred.

For Meet Alfred the campaign is a sequence with a list of option actions to turn on/off as preferred.

An interesting feature found in Meet Alfred, is the integration with Hyperize which allows you to compose custom images with text on it and that can be attached to your messages to make them much more engaging. The customization of that is excellent and such images are much more engaging than plain text.


Not much to say ... Meet Alfred for this limited functionality asks $160.

In some of these functionalities are already present in the Free plan and the upgrades to the LinkedIn Automation Pro will cost just $23.99

There is such a enormous Value-for-Money difference that the choice for is more than obvious.

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Features comparison: vs Meet Alfred

Free Trial
14 days
Tutorial environment / sandbox
Free Forever Plan
Cost of standard Plan
Email finder
FREE from LinkedIn and Google
+ Optional with Credits
Throttling system on messaging
Advanced LinkedIn analytics
Compatibility with LinkedIn accounts
Free, Premium, Sales Navigator and Recruiter
Sales Navigator
Ask for your Linkedin Password
Yes (your login using remote servers)
Advanced automation customization
Custom images composition
Interactions and messaging timeline
Team work possibility
De-Duplication system with smart merge
Customer support
Live chat with humans 24/7
Live chat with real humans 6/7d
Modular price system (buy only what you need)

Final Score is:


Meet Alfred is not comparable to simply because most of the features offered by Meet Alfred are included in the Free Forever Plan of Jobin.

Then has so many more additional features combined into several 'Solutions', that together cover the whole marketing cycle from sourcing your prospects, screening, enrich profiles and outreach with automatic multichannel messaging campaigns.

Meet Alfred performs LinkedIn automation with an old technology that triggers the LinkedIn ban.

The 'All-in-one' characteristic of and its rich 'Free Forever Plan' simply outmatch Meet Alfred. Meet Alfred is just a nice simple tool that you need to integrate with additional external CRM and mailers software, piling up with the costs and with the time consuming and hassles of data transfer among them.

Finally, when you consider that Meet Alfred will cost $160 giving less than a fully fledged "LinkedIn Automation" Pro that cost less than $24. You will agree that there is such an enormous Value-for-Money difference that the choice for is more than obvious. is a better Meet Alfred alternative