How to avoid LinkedIn Restrictions

Without restricting your productivity

For most of us, LinkedIn is a must. From it, we get contacts, build networks, and find new prospects and opportunities for our business development - Great.

This is what LinkedIn is designed for, networking is welcomed there, and LinkedIn invites us to interact with others as much as possible BUT … there is a limit.

LinkedIn doesn't want hyperactivity.

...Or more correctly, the higher your LinkedIn subscription, the more you're allowed to be hyperactive.
This makes sense, LinkedIn is a business after all.

But it's the way it's executed that is somewhat disagreeable

What makes LinkedIn restrict you

LinkedIn doesn't actually say how much you can or can't do on each type of LinkedIn Subscription, all you're told is the different features, and that Premium Subscriptions have their activity limit increased, but overstep your bounds and you suddenly get a warning.

If you're reading this, then you most likely use LinkedIn professionally, and knowing how much you can get out of the platform you decide to use is very important.

Not knowing how many messages you're allowed to send, not knowing how many profiles you're allowed to view, and to top it all off, to even get a warning that puts your account at risk if you ever overdo it is a bit much.

Why LinkedIn restricts you

LinkedIn's harsh punishment for anyone that oversteps their limits can only be assumed to be LinkedIn's way of combating automation tools.

Automation tools help you achieve more in shorter amounts of time, so it's safe to assume that anyone that's accomplishing more, and doing more, is likely using an automation tool.

That's why, regardless of actually using one or not, you may have had LinkedIn warn you, saying:

“We noticed unusual activity from your account ...unusually large number of profile views and/or viewing patterns” - “You reached your Commercial Use Limit”, “We’ve restricted your account temporarily” … you risk going to LinkedIn Jail.

LinkedIn restriction messages

So what? - How can we overcome all those LinkedIn restrictions?

Yes, it is possible.

But let’s proceed in order. Let’s start clarifying these LinkedIn limitations more analytically.

What LinkedIn limits?

First things first: LinkedIn does not disclose any of these limits

, and it seems they are also changing at their discretion. Furthermore, they're managed by an AI so limits aren't perfectly consistent, but slightly vary according to circumstances.
So if we don't even know how to properly limit ourselves, what are we to do?

Cutting to the chase, there's only one answer that can consistently solve all LinkedIn restriction problems, and that's to simply avoid the restriction in the first place.

This can be done with tools like, that not only bypass restrictions, but also automate the process, making you even faster than you normally would have been.

But getting back on track, as far as what's know of LinkedIn limits, it appears that one gets restricted more promptly, after having a previous restriction lifted, as well as how many restrictions you had in the past.

LinkedIn activity limits:

LinkedIn will display a warning if you approach the limit and this limit is calculated by their algorithm which is, in turn, related to which LinkedIn subscription you have. With LinkedIn Free as lowest, then Premium, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter Lite as this listing's highest. Monthly usage resets at midnight PST on the 1st of each calendar month.

LinkedIn free: 150 profiles daily
Premium Business: 300 profiles daily
Sales Navigator: 800 profiles daily
Recruiter Lite: 1500 profiles daily

Specific activities that contribute to the limit include:

  • Opening a LinkedIn profile.
  • Searching for LinkedIn profiles on and mobile.
  • Browsing LinkedIn profiles using the People Also Viewed section located on the right rail of a profile.

These activities do not count toward the limit:

  • Searching profiles by name using the search box located at the top of every page on
  • Browsing your 1st-degree connections from the connections page.
  • Searching for jobs on the jobs page.

How to access, search and view an unlimited number of LinkedIn profiles? allows you to view any LinkedIn search, in one click, by importing all results from the search list, without opening any profile and without scrolling through the search (therefore not interacting with your search and view limits). All fully automatically in just around 10 seconds for each 100 contacts.

The entire search will be transferred over to a contact list within your private repository, so rather than looking at the contacts through LinkedIn, you can see them directly within your personal contact list.

In the background, each Profile will gradually be fully imported with all skills, full career history, education, even job seeking info - nothing's left un-imported. All goes into your private database, ready for you to further review, filter, annotate, and finally message all your Profiles, and since its all within your repository now, you've not only created yourself an asset, but you can filter, interact and view it as often as you want.

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Connection request limits:

LinkedIn does not want you to send too many connection requests and limits this to 100/week regardless of Subscription.

For several reasons, you should take care of who you send invitations to, and make sure to properly personalize the invitation message note to maximise the acceptance rate, because any pending/not accept invitations will damage your LinkedIn score.

LinkedIn doesn't want you to have too many pending invitations and will, in fact, take them into account.

This may result in your LinkedIn account being temporarily restricted from sending invitations to people for the following reasons:

  • You've sent many invitations within a short amount of time.
  • Many of your invitations have been ignored, left pending, or marked as spam by the recipients.

Fortunately, most restrictions will automatically be removed within one week.

Alternative ways to network with others:

There are alternative ways to network with others, rather than inviting someone to connect:

Follow someone see the updates and new content that they share in your feed, and establish familiarity by interacting with their posts.

Find and join a group that’s relevant to you, so you can meet other professionals with similar interests and reach members of that group.

In case of Job offers, when you find a job you’d like to apply for, you can request a referral from your connection.

Send an InMail to introduce yourself, explain your request and why you’d like to get in touch.
This option is what LinkedIn recommends, but in order to access InMails you need to pay a LinkedIn subscription and eventually buy additional InMail credits.

Due to the limited availability and the cost of LinkedIn InMails, it is important to properly target the recipients of your messages.

How to avoid LinkedIn restrictions:

A reliable approach to avoid LinkedIn restrictions is by making good use of dedicated software services capable of interacting with LinkedIn, typically using browser extensions.

  • The most common way in which they can help, is by providing a monitoring system which allows you to keep track of your LinkedIn counters and limits, since knowing is half the battle.
  • In other cases, such software systems allow you to directly go that extra mile by overcoming the LinkedIn restrictions themselves.
Monitor your Linkedin activity

The latter, and most ideal type of software to avoid LinkedIn restrictions also has varying degrees of effectiveness. Very popular in the majority of the LinkedIn Automation market, is the ability to connect with large amounts of LinkedIn accounts, when in possession of their email address.

Sending LinkedIn connection invitations by providing the email address of the people you want to invite has no limits, but since you already have their email, you may as well have emailed them directly, the LinkedIn connection request is just a formality.

Combining this, with a tool that provides you with the email addresses of LinkedIn profiles, even outside of your network, is where the feature starts to shine, allowing you to connect and reach out to new contacts. Even better when all these services are part of the same platform, since having to rely on separate tools, one for automating and the other for enriching, may risk integrating poorly with one another.

However, in many of the simpler email connection request technologies, you cannot add nor personalize the note attached to the connection invitation, but the worst aspect of connection requests by email, is that the recipient will only receive the invitation if the used email address matches with that of their LinkedIn account


Most of the tools that claim to overcome LinkedIn connection requests use this system, but there are also more advanced tools like that do not require any emails and also allow you to bypass the connection requests limit (with an attached personalized message).

And to bring it even one step further, you also have the option to add a sequencing of events, like automated follows-ups when the invitation is accepted or ignored, to even further automate the entire process.

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Important: Check your Pending LinkedIn invitations

This is something you should do regardless of automating your LinkedIn connection invitations or not, since it's needed to avoid any undesirable restrictions.

Make sure to regularly remove excess pending invitations. When you have too many pending connection requests, LinkedIn interprets this as your invitations not being particularly well accepted and that people do not want to connect with you. As you can imagine, this puts you in the position of a “too invasive person” (spammer) and … to protect their users, LinkedIn may restrict you or flag you as spammer, which is of course, something you'd want to avoid.

It is advisable to never go over 2000 pending invitations, as this will have a negative impact on your account score and ideally, your pending invitations should only be equal to 5-7% of your total current connections.

Keeping your pending invitations under 700 will even give you a boost in score.

How to withdraw connection requests on LinkedIn

Too many pending connection requests is no good for LinkedIn, so keep yourself safe from LinkedIn restrictions, and regularly withdraw old pending invitations.

Of course, it's important to give people time to accept your invitations, but after a certain period, connecting may either become obsolete, or the invitation was simply rejected/ignored.

You can withdraw connection requests manually from LinkedIn by going to your Invitation manager page and clicking withdraw on each invitation one by one, but this is, of course, very tedious, and you also don't know the exact date of the invitation and simply have an approximation.

Instead of doing it manually, there are tools to do it automatically for you, and with tools like you can automatically withdraw any invitation older than a custom settable amount of time, or you can automatically withdraw a set number of pending invitations starting from the oldest.

In Summary

LinkedIn Restrictions

LinkedIn restricts how many actions you can perform within a set period of time. How active you're allowed to be depends on your LinkedIn subscription, but certain activities like connection requests are restricted to 100/week regardless of LinkedIn Subscription.

How to avoid LinkedIn Restrictions

Restrictions are monitored by an AI with an ever changing formula, following recommended limits is too unpredictable. The only way to consistently avoid restrictions is to bypass them entirely:

  • Import and read Profiles without ever viewing or opening them in the first place.
  • Send connection requests that don't increment LinkedIn's connection request counter.
  • Keep your LinkedIn account's score within healthy margins by withdrawing old pending invitations.

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