Streamlining Data Aggregation for Sourcers and Recruiters

Boost Your Talent Sourcing Efficiency

In today's data-driven world, Sourcers and Recruiters face the challenge of managing an increasing number of data sources. The valuable information they need for sourcing top talent is scattered across various accounts, software tools, and internet services.

However, with the emergence of platforms like, professionals can now easily aggregate and maintain all this data in a single, clean repository.

In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of and how it simplifies the process of data aggregation for Sourcers and Recruiters.

Auto Import LinkedIn Company Employee Profiles

Effortlessly access and analyze relevant information about employees from specific companies by importing LinkedIn company employee profiles. Gain insights into the talent pool of organizations you're interested in, facilitating effective candidate sourcing.

Company employees import in ATS

Automated Import of LinkedIn Attendees from Relevant Events

Tap into a network of professionals who are already engaged with topics and industries relevant to your hiring needs.

Automatically import attendees of events that cover similar aspects to what you offer. Identify potential candidates who are actively involved in your desired fields.

Auto Import Members from Relevant Groups on LinkedIn:

Expand your reach by connecting with professionals who are part of specialized communities discussing topics and technologies relevant to your job. Automatic import of members from relevant groups, helping you discover potential candidates with demonstrated expertise and interest in specific domains.

Import LinkedIn group members

Automated Import of Participants and Commenters on Relevant Posts:

Sourcers and Recruiters often find valuable information and potential candidates within LinkedIn posts and discussions. Automate the process of importing participants and commenters on posts or topics relevant to your hiring needs.

Find individuals who actively engage in conversations related to your industry, signalling their potential interest in new opportunities.

Automated Import of LinkedIn Profiles Based on Search Criteria:

The most common way of identifying fitting prospects and candidates is by using advanced searches within LinkedIn.

Save valuable time by automatically importing LinkedIn profiles that match your search criteria. Define specific parameters and retrieve profiles that align with your requirements, whether using LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter search functionalities. Streamline the process of identifying potential candidates efficiently.

Import LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead List

Automated Import of Connections and Similar Networks:

Expand your network by automatically importing your LinkedIn connections and connections of others with similar networks. provides an opportunity to tap into extended networks, allowing for greater access to potential candidates and diverse talent pools. Grow and nurture professional relationships with ease.

Automated Import of LinkedIn Newsletter Subscribers:

Effortlessly import your LinkedIn Newsletter subscriber list in its entirety. Seamlessly integrate this valuable data into a proper ATS/CRM system, streamlining your talent acquisition process. The process of importing LinkedIn Newsletter subscribers is automated, ensuring that you have access to comprehensive profiles and a complete view of your subscriber base.

Import LinkedIn Newsletter Subscribers

Auto .csv Format Import with Machine Learning

Simplify the import process by leveraging's machine learning capabilities. The platform recognizes and pre-compiles previously used .csv data structures, eliminating the need for manual data mapping. This feature reduces errors and saves time during the import process.

List of Leads and Prospects csv files import

Import from Contact Lists and Address Books

Unify your contacts from various accounts and address books into a single, clean repository with During the import process, the platform's de-duplication feature identifies and eliminates duplicate contacts. Update profiles with a single button click, including .csv files, to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

By centralizing contact information, Sourcers and Recruiters can easily maintain and access their network in one place.


Auto Update Old Profiles

Automatically update profiles with their latest LinkedIn data with just one click and in combination with automated duplicate identification and data-merging technology, effortlessly achieve a pristine and clean repository that never grows old or obsolete.


The growing number of data sources can pose significant challenges for Sourcers and Recruiters. However, platforms like offer comprehensive solutions by providing automated features for aggregating, organizing, and maintaining valuable data.

With, you can import LinkedIn profiles in full with every detail, from career information to open-to-work tags and personal and/or work emails for Free, in addition automatically update profiles anytime with ease and keep your database pristine with built-in data de-duplication.
The platform's use of Boolean searches and ranking systems ensures that you can create a fully ranked contact list based on your criteria. empowers Sourcers and Recruiters to optimize their workflow, save time, and gain a competitive edge in the talent acquisition process.

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