How to Achieve a 70% Increase in Qualified Candidates

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In today's competitive job market, finding and attracting qualified candidates is a challenging task for recruiters and sourcers. However, with the help of advanced technology like, talent sourcing and engagement can be transformed into a more efficient and effective process. This article explores the key features and benefits of, highlighting how it can revolutionize talent acquisition and why it is becoming an industry standard.

Enhancing Recruitment Efficiency with Automatic Data Refresh

Keeping data alive and up-to-date is crucial for recruiters to extract its full value. With a substantial number of contacts at hand, it can be both time-consuming and frustrating to determine which ones are truly ready for hire. However, there is a solution.

By leveraging the power of automatic CV profile updating, recruiters can bring their databases back to life with ease. Outdated and obsolete data will no longer be a hindrance, as this feature takes care of the task seamlessly. With just a simple press of a button, recruiters can ensure that their contact information remains current and accurate.

Beyond Boolean Searches AI-Powered Ranking Filters

Recruiters are constantly in search of top candidates, and the use of filtering systems to scan extensive datasets is crucial for reducing time-to-hire and efficiently identifying the best candidates for the job. offers AI-powered ranking filters that go beyond traditional boolean searches. These filters create a comprehensive "fitting index" for each contact, resulting in a fully ordered contact list from most fitting to least fitting.'s filtering system encompasses three commands:

  • Must have criteria (green),
  • Optional criteria (light-blue)
  • Excluded criteria (red),

Optional criteria provide enhanced filter flexibility as they allow recruiters to rank contacts using score multipliers ranging from 0.1 to 5 and customize the relevancy of each keyword. The Minimum Optional keyword threshold enables recruiters to maintain both broad and relevant searches simultaneously.

Recruiters can save each filter as templates and synchronize them into a job-spec, allowing automatic application when searching for candidates. In addition to the fitting index filters, simple boolean filters can also be applied.'s AI-powered ranking filters provide recruiters with the tools they need to efficiently navigate through candidate datasets and identify the most suitable individuals for their roles.

candidate pool

Expand Your Candidate Pool

Expanding the candidate pool is a top priority for recruiters operating in the competitive realm of talent acquisition. To gain an edge in this endeavor, the automation feature offered by allows recruiters to automatically import employees from competitor companies on LinkedIn. This powerful functionality opens up a treasure trove of talent aligned with the industry, providing recruiters with a head start in identifying and connecting with potential candidates.

Networking plays a crucial role in establishing professional connections and unlocking new opportunities. further facilitates this process by offering automation tools that simplify the downloading of relevant contacts from LinkedIn events, groups, posts, and even newsletters subscribers. By automating this task, recruiters can save time and ensure they never miss out on valuable networking prospects.

time is money goes beyond basic search functionalities, empowering recruiters with an automation platform that features advanced search capabilities. With the ability to conduct Google and Bing X-Ray searches, as well as integrated website searches, recruiters can tap into a diverse range of platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub, Quora, Twitter, DEV, GDG, and more. This comprehensive approach to data sourcing enables recruiters to cast a wider net and identify candidates and clients based on specific criteria, giving them a competitive advantage.

In the realm of candidate evaluation, simplifies the recruitment process by offering a seamless solution for importing LinkedIn profiles. With just a few simple steps, relevant LinkedIn profiles can be effortlessly brought into the system. This streamlined integration ensures that recruiters have all the necessary information readily available, facilitating enhanced candidate evaluation and informed hiring decisions.

Efficient Outreach Made Personal:

Streamlining your outreach efforts has never been easier with automation tools like Through the platform's LinkedIn messaging and emailing automation capabilities, you can automate your outreach process while maintaining a personalized touch. This means that you can create a fully automated messaging sequence that maximizes your outreach potential while delivering content tailored to each individual recipient. takes personalization to the next level by leveraging auto-adapting smart fields and integrating with AI-powered models, including ChatGPT.

This powerful combination enables you to craft hyper-personalized messages that deeply resonate with your target candidates and clients. Whether you're reaching out to a few individuals or scaling up your outreach efforts, empowers you to create meaningful connections with ease.


The landscape of hiring professionals is being revolutionized by recruitment automation. By harnessing the power of automation, you can significantly enhance the speed and efficiency of your recruitment endeavors, ultimately gaining a competitive edge in the talent market.

The key lies in embracing features that streamline outreach, automate screening processes, enrich contacts, and leverage advanced search capabilities. With at your side, you can unlock the potential for faster and smarter hiring within your organization. Embrace the transformative power of automation and propel your recruitment efforts to new heights. To experience the benefits of firsthand, take advantage of the free trial and free forever plan offered by the platform.

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