Step-by-step prospecting workflow with AI and Automation

The Proven Process for Identifying and Engaging Prospects and Candidates

The current buzz around AI, tools, and automation in recruitment can easily lead to time wasted in confusion instead of productivity gains.

So, why read this article?
Because we're going to directly explore the practical steps of a process that eliminates, not only the manual work, but also the need for you to constantly switch between tools, importing and exporting data.

The essence of automation should be "less clicking, less writing, and less aimless tool-hopping".

👉 Step 1:

Searching on LinkedIn, and other profile sites (+ Google and Bing X-Ray)

👉 Step 2:

Filter and remove the false positives

👉 Step 3:

Find emails and contact details

👉 Step 4:

Send personalized emails and LinkedIn outreach at scale

👉 Bonus tip:

...and the humans?

Alright, let's dive right in.

Step 1:
Search on LinkedIn and import target profiles

Search for your ideal prospect or candidate on LinkedIn. Use standard LinkedIn filtering or perhaps identify LinkedIn Groups, Events or simply LinkedIn Posts relevant to your target.

With the right automation tool, one click is sufficient to import hundreds of these relevant profiles.

Then, as a recruiter or sourcer the full bio and career history will be necessary, so ensure that you can get all the needed info for a more in-depth (pre-)screening of your candidates in step 2.

Worth noting: sourcing features in are available for free (click for details).

Automated Profile Import Based on Search Criteria

The cornerstone of identifying suitable prospects and candidates often lies in advanced LinkedIn searches.

Reclaim valuable time as you seamlessly import LinkedIn profiles aligning with your search criteria. Set precise parameters to retrieve profiles that match your needs, whether utilizing LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, or Recruiter search functionalities. Streamline the process of identifying potential candidates with precision.

Import LinkedIn search results and lists
Import LinkedIn search results and lists using the Jobin's browser plugin

Automated Import of your LinkedIn 1st Connections

Take benefit from your existing network through the automated import of your LinkedIn 1st connection as well as the networks of individuals with shared interests. offers an avenue to tap into these expanded networks, granting you heightened access to potential candidates and diverse talent pools. Nurture professional relationships with unparalleled ease.

Auto Import Members from Relevant Groups on LinkedIn

Broaden your network by engaging with experts who belong to focused communities conversing about subjects and technologies pertinent to your role. Effortlessly import members from relevant groups, enabling you to unearth potential candidates showcasing proven proficiency and enthusiasm in distinct domains.

Import of LinkedIn Group member
Import of LinkedIn Group member from the Jobin's browser plugin

Automated Import of LinkedIn Attendees from Relevant Events

Connect with a community of experts who are actively participating in subjects and sectors that align with your recruitment requirements.

Streamline the process of importing event attendees who share common interests with your offerings. Pinpoint potential candidates who are proactively immersed in your targeted domains.

Auto Import LinkedIn Company Employee Profiles

Easily retrieve and analyze pertinent employee information from specific companies by importing profiles from LinkedIn. This enables you to delve into the talent pools of organizations that pique your interest, streamlining your candidate-sourcing efforts.

Company employees imported into the repository

Automated Import of Participants and Commenters on Relevant Posts

Recruiters often unearth valuable insights and potential candidates within LinkedIn discussions. Automate the process of importing those engaged in posts and conversations related to your hiring needs. Discover individuals who actively contribute to conversations within your industry, showcasing their potential interest in fresh opportunities.

Automated Import of LinkedIn Newsletter Subscribers

Effortlessly import your complete LinkedIn Newsletter subscriber list. Seamlessly integrate this invaluable data into your ATS/CRM system, streamlining your talent acquisition process. The import of LinkedIn Newsletter subscribers is fully automated, ensuring comprehensive profiles and a holistic view of your subscriber base are readily accessible.

Import list of LinkedIn newsletter subscribers
Import list of LinkedIn newsletter subscribers using the Jobin's browser plugin

Auto .csv format import with machine learning

Experience streamlined importing with the power of's machine learning capabilities. The platform intuitively identifies and pre-configures familiar .csv data structures, removing the requirement for manual data mapping. This advancement minimizes errors and accelerates the import procedure, contributing to enhanced efficiency.

machine learning to import .csv into your database

Import from Contact Lists and Address Books

Effortlessly consolidate your contacts from diverse accounts and address books into a singular, organized repository using As part of the import process, the platform's de-duplication functionality identifies and removes duplicate contacts. Keep profiles current with a single click, even when utilizing .csv files, ensuring access to the latest information.

Through this centralized approach, Sourcers and Recruiters can conveniently manage and access their network from a single location.

Import from Contact Lists and Address Books

Unlocking the Power of Google and Bing X-Ray Searches

Recruiters possess the capability to harness the potential of Google and Bing X-Ray searches, in addition to seamlessly integrated website searches. This empowers recruiters to explore an array of platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, GitHub, Quora, Twitter, DEV, GDG, and beyond.

This all-encompassing data-sourcing strategy equips recruiters to cast a broader net and pinpoint candidates according to precise criteria, offering them a distinct competitive edge.

Ready to delve further the X-Ray search topic? Explore more here .

Profile People Search using X-Ray

Step 2
Filter and remove the false positives

When input sources are as rich and diverse as the one described above, data cleaning is necessary.

With a good automation tool that makes use of AI, it is no longer your problem to filter out all false positive profiles, clean the list of duplicates, and, most importantly, prepare a seamless and accurate ranking that indicates the level of fit to your requirements.

With the aid of a proficient AI-driven automation tool, the journey becomes streamlined. This tool effectively sieves out erroneous profiles, eradicates duplicates, and achieves an impeccable ranking system.

Here, the prowess of AI takes center stage. As you assign significance to each criterion, AI reciprocates with corresponding scores for every entry. Be it skills, roles, distances, or comprehensive career specifics, the technology effortlessly encompasses these aspects across a multitude of profiles.

The beauty lies in the ability to fine-tune and scrutinize outcomes with your final touch. This is what sets a Sourcer to stand out.

Curious to explore further the AI ranking system? Discover more by proceeding here

Automatic Prospect Fitting Index

Step 3
Contact Finder and Profile enhancing

LinkedIn profiles undoubtedly offer a wealth of valuable information, but there are times when they fall short.

Often, emails, phone numbers, and other social media profiles URLs remain hidden or unmentioned.

In situations where contact information isn't available on LinkedIn,'s Contact Finder and Profile enhancer steps in as a valuable solution completing your dataset of its missing information.

You'll also receive 5 enrichment credits every month for free.

To learn more click here .

Step 4
Send personalized emails and LinkedIn outreach at scale

Imagine having the power to automate your outreach efforts with ease using a multichannel, customizable messaging campaign manager that takes care of follow-up as well. allows you to effortlessly send personalized messages through LinkedIn and Email, including sending connection requests.

By creating a perfectly timed sequence, that includes follow-ups and keeps your pipelines updated, you can reach out to a multitude of recipients while ensuring that each message feels uniquely tailored to them.

These amazing results are achieved because with, you can prepare personalized templates that include smart fields and combine them with natural language AI text generators like ChatGPT.

With this arsenal at your disposal, you can effectively create messages that uniquely resonate with each candidate and client, perfectly aligning with your communication goals.

And the best part is that a personal touch can all be applied at scale.

Multichannel Drip Messaging Sequence Manager

Just picture it: whether you're sending a cold email or a friendly message, your aim is to strike a chord with the recipient, sparking that "aha" moment.
And guess what? has got you covered.

By seamlessly harnessing the power of ChatGPT and combining it with its own features and detailed data structure that includes your notes and tagging, this tool provides recruiters with a distinct competitive advantage when it comes to messaging. It goes beyond mere outreach; it fosters genuine conversations, leveraging valuable insights from LinkedIn and cutting-edge AI technology.

Read more here

The outcome? Sentences that practically write themselves, tailored to each individual by analyzing their LinkedIn profile and any additional notes you've included.

unlike a vintage Cabernet Sauvignon bottle, data must be processed and consumed fast.

For this reason, especially in the case of new projects staffed with low-experienced data analysts, it will be more productive to have tools that easily allow data visualization without any coding effort.

This is exactly what is offered by our SaaS.

Worth taking a look?


P.S. Our tool has a free trial of 14 days.

An example of personalized message crafted with + ChatGPT integration
to a prospect who likes good wines and is recruiting junior data analysts.

For a full description of this example read: "Guide to strong email personalization

There is more than just AI ...
Structured Teamwork

We have written about AI, but a strong point in recruiting is collaboration among team members to share opinions, produce valuable candidate screenings and debriefs.
Why not utilize technology to facilitate teamwork and data sharing?

In a tool like, there are excellent opportunities to collaborate in sourcing and screening candidates. A team can add candidates to a single list without worry of duplications, annotate and tag profiles, and collectively manage pipelines where the team decides to advance candidates into new stages or remove them from the process.

In this collaborative environment you can also involve clients, colleagues, or external stakeholders.

Different people could take charge of one or more of the steps in the recruiting workflow to reach a common goal and finally demonstrate that recruiting is a human centric activity (with a strong helping hand from technology 😉 ).

Read more here .


In the fast-evolving world of recruitment, where precision and speed reign supreme, integrating AI and automation has become an imperative, not just a trend. This article, combined with the capabilities of, offers a comprehensive solution to modern recruitment challenges. From initiating the search for potential candidates to personalized outreach and collaborative teamwork - cutting-edge technology streamlines every phase, making our efforts more impactful.

As we embark on the journey of incorporating AI and automation into our recruitment strategies, remember that success lies in seamlessly orchestrating tools and processes. By centralizing efforts within a platform like, we gain access to powerful features while eliminating complexities associated with disjointed systems.

So, whether you're a seasoned recruiter seeking enhanced efficiency or a newcomer eager to make an impact, the fusion of human expertise and technological innovation is at your fingertips. The future of recruitment is here, and it's driven by the step-by-step recruiting workflow with AI and automation. Embrace it, adapt it, and pave the way for a new era of talent acquisition. Your journey starts now.

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