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Books offer an excellent avenue for self-education, allowing you to elevate your proficiency and finesse.

Achieving success in hiring is the result of individuals such as yourself who consistently seek improved methods to connect with the most suitable talent.

Here is a list of books published this year in the field of Recruiting and Talent Acquisition that will definitely help you stay updated on this fast and ever-changing industry.

Title Recruit – The Savage Way
Skills, attitudes and tactics to be an outstanding recruiter
Author Greg Savage
Description Working in the recruitment industry is challenging. Few recruiters survive two years in the business, and fewer still turn recruiting into a lifelong career. RECRUIT is a one-stop shop that will inspire readers to do the work and teach them how to develop the skills and mindset that will bring success in the form of a fun and fulfilling career, as well as financial gain. RECRUIT comprises 128 micro-chapters grouped into 6 parts that cover: 1. attitude and mindset 2. behaviour and activity 3. selling by listening 4. candidate skills 5. client skills 6. developing your recruitment career Greg Savage’ s advice is based on 44 years in recruitment. He takes a direct, no-nonsense approach and combines storytelling, humor and proven practical advice. A career in recruitment, as in any industry, will be a journey of constant improvement, learning, upskilling, growth and evolution. Keep RECRUIT as your constant companion as you develop the skills, attitudes and tactics necessary to become an outstanding recruiter.
Title AI Talent Sourcing
How to Use AI ChatGPT Prompts to Automate Talent Sourcing
Author Jonathan Kidder
Cover AI Talent Sourcing: How to Use AI ChatGPT Prompts to Automate Talent Sourcing
Description We are currently experiencing a transformative era in AI, which is revolutionizing the recruiting field. These cutting-edge tools have the potential to reshape the way we approach recruitment. By harnessing the power of AI, we can significantly enhance the efficiency of our recruiting processes and make our work lives more streamlined and productive. Use this opportunity to grow and learn in this area.
This book highlights the significant advantages of leveraging AI tools, such as ChatGPT, for generating specific answers to prompt questions. While these prompts can be applied to any AI tool, not just ChatGPT, this book serves as a valuable resource for recruiters, talent sourcers, and HR professionals seeking to enhance their productivity.
Who should read this book:
  • HR Business Partners, Recruiting Managers, Talent Sourcers, and Recruiters
  • Talent sourcing professional interested in using ChatGPT and other AI tools
  • Professionals interested in AI and how to use it within talent sourcing and recruiting
In this book you will:
  • HR Business Partners, Recruiting Managers, Talent Sourcers, and Recruiters
  • Talent sourcing professional interested in using ChatGPT and other AI tools
  • Professionals interested in AI and how to use it within talent sourcing and recruiting
Title The SEO Optimized Job Description
A Complete Guide to Writing an Effective Job Description
Author Jonathan Kidder
Description Why completely optimize a job description? Well, simply put it will help you target, attract, and generate more applicants. Learn the psychology behind attraction in relation to writing an effective job description that generates applicants. Understand how job boards and search engines work, learn about augmented writing tools, and SEO optimize your job post to improve applications. A recruiter’s role all starts with having intake notes and a well thought out job description summary. This is a vital part in recruiting and hiring a candidate for opportunity. A job description can be simply defined as a written narrative that defines general tasks, duties, and responsibilities needed for the position. It will cover the functions and qualifications needed to perform the requirements: this includes working conditions, physical demands, and technical experience etc. All Recruiters know how to write a great job description right? Wrong… This book is written for the recruiter looking to improve on their job requisitions. It covers how to understand how job boards and search engines work. Learn what SEO professionals use to optimize keyword terms and apply that knowledge to your job posts. Making sure you are using the best industry specific job titles and skill sets. As well as using heat maps, tracking analytics, analyzing job board reports, and making adjustments to increase applicant flow. Here’s the Honest Truth… There is no ultimate secret to writing a job description. But, simply put there are many tools that you might not be aware of that will make tremendous improvements to a JD. Tools include keyword analysis that review job titles, skill sets, and other terms that will help you reach the right applicants and raise your search results rankings. Besides these new tools in the market, it’s important to understand how to track and analyze your data. Majority of recruiters may not realize that they can track data and pull reports. So, I truly believe every professional can benefit from using this book as a resource. Who should read this book:
  • North American Talent Acquisition teams.
  • Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and Human Resource professionals looking to learn more about Job Descriptions.
  • Professionals looking to make Improvements on Job Descriptions and Career Sites.
In the Optimized Job Description book, you’ll learn about:
  • How to Fully Keyword Optimize a Job Description
  • Writing an Effective and Enticing Summary
  • Understand Search Engine Optimization
  • Analyze Job Titles and Skill Sets
  • Discover your Industry Specific Competition
  • Attracting More Applications
  • Avoid Gender Bias Terms that Deter Applicants
  • Use AI and other Tools to Fully Optimize a Job Description
  • How Marketing Plays in Job Description Ads
  • Understanding Job Boards and Search Engine Results
  • Analyzing Google Analytics, Heat Maps, and Tracking Data
Title The Guestlist with Steve Guest
12 Highly Influential Guests sharing their Roadmaps to Success
Author Steve Guest
Description Steve Guest is the renowned author of the global No.1 best-selling smash hit 'Top Biller - The Life of a Recruiter' and host of 'The Guestlist with Steve Guest Podcast'. He is now back with his most anticipated book release to date - 'The Guestlist'. If you want to break out of your comfort zone and achieve massive success in your field, don't miss this book! 'The Guestlist' is overflowing with invaluable wisdom from global leaders in recruitment, property, entrepreneurship, money, leadership, NLP, high performance, and management. These insights will broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge in ways you never thought possible. From mindset adjustments to proven strategies for success, you'll find everything you need to achieve your goals and unleash your true potential. Join Steve on 'The Guestlist' journey to rise above the competition, outperform your peers and take your life and career to the next level! Inside:
  • "The cool thing about the growth mindset is that it can be developed." Mike Whatman
  • "I wake up, and most days, I'm into that growth mindset. I live and breathe it, and I'm genuinely passionate about it. I absolutely love problems, and as an entrepreneur, that's a mindset shift." - Jamie Yorke.
  • "You're dead in the water if you're a leader and don't believe you're on a mission." - Mike Ames.
  • "I think everybody has got it in them. And the people who succeed in this world are the ones who don't stop." Michaela Wain
  • "A good recruiter can build credibility and is conscious of that." - Greg Savage.
  • If people hang on to that, know where they want to go and are totally committed to their goal, that will make the difference. - Jeremy Lazarus
Title Talk Tech To Me
The Non-Technical Guide to Technology Recruiting
Author Brian Fink
Cover The Non-Technical Guide to Technology Recruiting
Description In Talk Tech To Me: The Non-Technical Guide to Technology Recruiting, Brian Fink takes on the stress and strain of difficult technology concepts and simplifies them for the modern recruiter. Fink's impassioned wit and humor tackle the high's and low's of technical recruiting with a unique perspective - a perspective that is intended to help you find, engage, and partner with tech professionals.
Whether you are just starting your journey as a technical recruiter or delving into your next decade, this book offers you the opportunity to stretch your professional capabilities while elevating the careers and organizations you partner with throughout your career.
Starting with a solid foundation in each component of the modern web development stack, Talk Tech To Me provides a blueprint for mastering technical recruiting.
Title The AI Recruiter
Revolutionizing Hiring with Advanced GPT-Powered Prompts
Author Mike Wolford
Description Harness the transformative power of AI to enhance the recruitment process and stay ahead of the curve. Follow along as Mike Wolford, a renowned expert in the fields of recruitment and artificial intelligence (AI), unveils a groundbreaking exploration of AI in the talent acquisition landscape.
Learn the basics of AI, discover its applications in talent acquisition and recruitment, and explore a wide array of real-world use cases. Each example showcases the benefits and future implications of AI-driven recruitment without shying away from possible drawbacks.
The AI Recruiter is not just a book. It provides case studies, practical tips, and valuable insights that are essential for companies looking to innovate and stay ahead of their competitors.
By using this book as your blueprint, you will not only understand the rules, but also learn how to avoid AI hallucinations and embrace the human-AI collaboration. With Wolford's tips, insights, and best practices, you will be primed to succeed in the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence.
Title Fire Your Hiring Habits
Building an Environment that Attracts Top Talent in Today's Workforce
Author Dr. John W.Mitchell
Cover book
Description Fire Your Hiring Habits! is the one book you need in today’s hiring and retention climate.
Recruitment methods now include LinkedIn, algorithms, and attracting top talent through the types of flexibility, benefits, and environment the modern workforce demands. From rethinking certifications and degrees to work-from-home options and many other innovations, John W. Mitchell, Ed.D. will challenge you to Fire Your Hiring Habits! As a thought leader in the electronics industry, John brings a global perspective and openness to the ever-changing ways (and places) we work. Using real-life examples and presenting challenging problems, Mitchell offers solutions-focused answers to finding and retaining today’s top talent.**
Title The executive recruiter’s playbook
Winning strategies for finding exceptional leaders & building a sustainable executive recruiting strategy
Author W. J. Sheweloff
Cover book
Description In the richly rewarding executive search business, it's not just about filling vacant positions but finding the perfect match between executive and company. With 35 years of experience, the author shares insights and tactics to help you recruit passive, top-ranked candidates, build a robust referral base, and increase credibility with your clients and candidates. By following the author’s guidance, you’ll improve your results – and close more searches with stronger candidates.
You will also discover how to eliminate the mystique of passive candidate recruitment and effectively engage this hidden talent pool.
This book offers a systematic approach to recruiting passive candidates and utilizing actionable strategies employed by pioneers of the recruitment industry. Additionally, the book covers:
  • The five steps to successful executive recruitment—detailed action items from client acceptance right through to research, prospect and candidate development, and candidate acceptance
  • Identify, recruit, and place top-ranked candidates otherwise believed to be unrecruitable
  • How to add mystique and intrigue to your elevator pitch strategies that will get you through the front door
  • Get your calls returned
  • Learn how to build immediate trust and influence with passive candidates
  • Build a first-class referral base—without spending a cent!
  • 8 AI tools that can transform your work without replacing the human element
  • Gain significant advantages over your peers and produce more consistent business
Regardless of your title, areas of responsibility, or the size of your search business, the lessons learned in this book will take your productivity to the next level. If you want to elevate your recruitment game and become the go-to recruiter for leading companies, take this book home and dig right in.
Title Talent Titans
A Guide To Sourcing Your Next Top Hire
Author Sandra Feldmann & Benjamin Kärki
Cover book

Looking to elevate your talent sourcing game? Look no further than Talent Titans: A Guide to Sourcing Your Next Top Hire, co-authored by seasoned talent sourcers Sandy and Ben.
In today's world, traditional recruitment methods simply don't cut it. This book offers a fresh perspective on how to source and attract top talent using practical insights, templates, techniques, and recommendations for tools and automation.

This book is a comprehensive step-by-step guide with a ton of practical examples and templates, tips on what tools to use (and how) and checklist for your talent sourcing processes.

Whether you're an experienced recruiter or just starting out, Talent Titans is a must-read for anyone who wants to find suitable candidates faster and more efficiently. Sandy and Ben share their favourite tools and techniques that they've used to build successful talent pipelines for some of the biggest companies in the world.

The book provides real-life examples, templates, and how-to guides to help HR professionals, recruiters, talent sourcers, hiring managers, founders, and start-up employees navigate the complexities of talent sourcing. With a focus on commercial roles, Talent Titans will help you take your sourcing skills to the next level. This book is packed with actionable tips and strategies that will enable you to discover the art of attracting the best talent for your organization. Talent sourcing may not be rocket science, but it certainly requires a unique set of skills – and Talent Titans has got you covered. Get ready to dive deep into advanced sourcing techniques and become a talent titan yourself.

Title Full Stack Recruiter
Diversity Sourcing Strategies
Author Jan Tegze
Cover book

Are you ready to skyrocket your company's success by building a truly diverse and inclusive workforce? Don't miss out on this game-changing opportunity. Discover the secrets to attracting, hiring, and retaining top-notch talent in "Full Stack Recruiter: Diversity Sourcing Strategies."

In this comprehensive guidebook, you'll uncover:
Proven strategies that have helped the world's leading companies create more diverse and inclusive workforces Practical tools and techniques to identify, attract, and hire exceptional candidates from underrepresented groups Expert advice on marketing your company as an inclusive employer and measuring the impact of your diversity initiatives

"Full Stack Recruiter: Diversity Sourcing Strategies" will empower you to:
  • Overcome common diversity challenges faced by businesses today
  • Address cognitive biases that hinder inclusive hiring practices
  • Master the art of diverse talent sourcing and unlock your company's full potential

Ideal for business leaders, HR professionals, and recruitment teams, this book is your ticket to a more diverse and successful future. Thousands of readers have already transformed their organizations using these powerful strategies – now it's your turn.

Don't wait another moment! Dive into "Full Stack Recruiter: Diversity Sourcing Strategies" and unleash the untapped potential of diverse talent for your organization today!

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