Jobin Cloud Affiliate Program Partners Terms and Conditions

All Jobin Cloud Terms and Conditions still apply to the Jobin Cloud Affiliate Program where applicable Terms and Conditions


You and Affiliate - the party, other than Jobin Cloud, entering this Agreement and participating in the Jobin Cloud Affiliate Program.

Jobin Cloud - Jobin Cloud Limited of Ground Floor, 71 Lower Baggot Street, Co. Dublin, Dublin, Ireland - D02 P593.

Affiliate Dashboard - The interface/tool provided to the Affiliate upon entering the Jobin Cloud Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Link - The referral link that is displayed within the Affiliate Dashboard.

Affiliate Coupon - The coupon code that is displayed within the Affiliate Dashboard.

Agreement - The Jobin Cloud Affiliate Program and all materials referred to in here.

Referred and Refers - The process of a Lead being assigned to the Affiliate through any of the 2. Accreditation methods.

Lead - A person that is a potential future Customer.

Signup - A person that created their Jobin Cloud account while being Referred.

Customer - A person that has been Referred by the Affiliate and has purchased a Subscription.

Commission - An amount described in the Affiliate Dashboard that specifies the payment that the Affiliate will receive.

1. Commissions

1.1 Commission rates are set forth on the Affiliate Dashboard and are calculated based on monthly or annual purchases.

1.2 The Affiliate is eligible to a Commission either if the Customer used their Affiliate Coupon, or if Customer's Signup is assigned to the Affiliate (not both).

1.3 In case a Lead is Referred by multiple Affiliates only one Affiliate will be eligible to the Commission. Which Affiliate is eligible to the commission is decided according to this order (from highest to lowest importance): (1st ) used your Affiliate Coupon; (2nd) created their account (Signup) while being Referred by you.

1.4 If Affiliate Referred the same Customer in multiple different ways, Affiliate will always be eligible to only 1 Commission per Customer

1.5 Affiliate will only be eligible for a Commission of the first purchase made by a Customer, Commissions on renewals ("bonus recurring commission"), and their rates, are only offered if the required criteria listed on the Affiliate Dashboard are met.

2. Accreditation

2.1 Leads that purchase a Subscription after being Referred (Customer) by an Affiliate Link or by using an Affiliate Coupon will automatically be accredited to the Affiliate, even if the coupon or link are spread by others without any direct interaction from the Affiliate.

2.2 Leads that open an Affiliate Link gain the Referred status for 90 days, if during that period the Lead creates a Jobin Cloud account (Signup), the Lead will remain Referred by the Affiliate for lifetime.

2.3 Signup can be assigned to only one Affiliate. In case a Lead opened multiple Affiliate Links, the most recently opened Affiliate Link takes priority when classifying which Affiliate the Signup is accredited to.

3. Limitations

3.1 The first Subscription the Referred Lead purchases is locked-in as the Affiliate's Commission. Affiliate does not receive additional Commissions if a Lead upgrades their Subscription, even if upgrade occurs before the Commission payout.

3.2 Leads are not eligible to Signup if they already have a Jobin Cloud account.

3.3 Affiliate Coupon can only be used on first time purchases, users that already are or were Jobin Cloud paying customers will not be able to use Affiliate Coupons.

3.4 Affiliates will receive their Commission only if the Customer has kept an active Subscription until the Commission payout is performed (28th of each month), provided that you remain eligible to receive Commission as stated in the terms of this Agreement.

3.5 Customers must keep an active Subscription during a grace period before the Affiliate is eligible for the Commission. The grace period lasts 1 month and 8 days and is also displayed in the Affiliate Dashboard.

3.6 Affiliate Link tracking relies on cookies, if Jobin Cloud is unable to track cookies or the Lead clears their cookies, the Lead's Signup can no longer be tracked.

3.7 Affiliate Commissions rely on a percentage of the revenue and will therefore decrease if any discounts or fees are applied to the Customer's purchase.

3.8 Any fees or payments required for the processing of payments, or the conversion rates of currencies for the end result of paying the Affiliate's Commission, will be detracted from the Affiliate's Commission.

3.9 Fraudulent behaviour will result in the Commission not being paid and may also result in removal of the Affiliate's access to the Jobin Cloud Affiliate Program. Fraudulent behaviour includes but is not limited to: (i) Referring yourself with your own Affiliate Link or using your own Affiliate Coupon. (ii) Referring team members that are part of your same Workgroup or Company with your Affiliate Link or having them use your Affiliate Coupon.

3. Extra

4.1 You do not need to be a Jobin Cloud paying customer to take part in the Jobin Cloud Affiliate Program.

4.1 You must be FTC compliant and disclose that you will receive a Commission if someone buys a Subscription with your Affiliate Coupon or through your Affiliate Link.