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All-in-One AI+Automation Tool for Recruiting and Prospecting
Free Sourcing, People and Contacts Finder, LinkedIn Automation, ATS+CRM, Multichannel Messaging Campaigns (with ChatGPT!) For Recruiters, Marketers, Salespeople, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. in 60 seconds

All-in-One prospecting workflow - supported by AI

  • People Finder
    (from a DB with >3 Billions Profiles)
  • from LinkedIn
    searches, groups, events, posts
  • X-Ray scraping
  • .CSV import
  • from Internet Sites
    with Boolean string builder
  • Customizable Pipelines
  • Interaction Timeline
  • Auto profile Update
  • Rankable Filters
Integrated ChatGPT
filter generation
Automated Multi-Channel
Bulk Sequencing
  • LinkedIn messages, InMails, connection invites
  • Emailing with email finder
Integrated ChatGPT
message personalization
Build you network of prospects and business contacts as a long-term asset.
Have their full bio profiles, auto tag and annotate, nurture, build trust, Sell!
Find Clients & Candidates Easily

Limitless bulk automated FULL profile imports from multiple LinkedIn sources!

  • LinkedIn search-results
  • LinkedIn groups
  • LinkedIn posts
  • LinkedIn events
  • All LinkedIn 1st connections

+ multiple Google and Bing X-ray searches

Build and Manage your Pipelines

Advanced Filtering, sorting and ranking
Assisted by AI and ChatGPT.

  • Identify Ideal Candidates Profiles
  • GPT Search
  • Ranking and Fitting Index
  • Search similar Profiles
  • Semantic keywords search

Easily find the best contacts and keep track of their progress with custom Pipeline Stages.

Multi-Channel Outreach

Engage the right people in bulk with custom templates and smart fields

  • Automated LinkedIn connection requests
  • Automated follow-up messages
  • Bulk LinkedIn direct messaging
  • Bulk LinkedIn inMails
  • Bulk Emailing

Combine with ChatGPT integration for Hyper-personalized messaging at scale!

Track Messaging and Contact Interactions

Full Interactions history timeline for every contact, shared with workgroup members for perfectly harmonious co-operation

  • Messages sent/received
  • Unified inbox (Emails + LinkedIn)
  • Invitations sent
  • Multi tags and notes on anything
  • Events and workflow milestones
Databases always kept Fresh

Be it an old .CSV imported database or your currently active one

  • Auto-update all contacts with their current LinkedIn profiles
  • De-duplicate, merge, and clean all data in your database

Never again will your database grow old or rot away as time passes

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  • Import unlimited LinkedIn profiles in full; from any search or listing
  • Auto-import and manage your 1st Connections;
  • Build custom Pipelines, create Lists, and apply Rankable Filters;
  • Enrich profiles with emails, phone numbers and their Social presence;
  • Engage with your prospects at scale, with automated sequences via emails, LinkedIn connections and messages.
3 Enjoy a continuous flow of new prospects in auto-pilot
Save a tons of time and frustration by eliminating all monotonous and repetitive tasks related to searching, prospecting, messaging and follow-ups.
Only focus on the things that matter!
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